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Q+A Ice Cube

The 35-year-old actor and rapper plays a sports collectibles dealer in the comedy Are We There Yet? opening on Friday

SI: Your movie features a Satchel Paige bobblehead doll voiced by Tracy Morgan. Why Satchel Paige?

Cube: Everybody thought we should use somebody contemporary, but [director] Brian Levant and I were like, 'Let's give this old dude some props.' Hopefully, the kids will look back and study what Satchel Paige was all about.

SI: You're a season-ticket holder with the Lakers, but we never see you courtside.

Cube: Me and my family, we go to every game. We have a box. I don't sit with nobody except the fam. The kids can do their homework and there's nobody sweatin' you.

SI: George Clooney fancies himself a pretty good basketball player. Did you play on the set of Three Kings?

Cube: Yeah, I worked Clooney a lot. Then he didn't want to play no more. They'd go to the gym without telling me.

SI: What athlete could cross over as an actor or rapper?

Cube: Allen Iverson could do it in a heartbeat. He always seems genuine, not faking or fronting. Michael Vick could do it if he opened his mouth more. He is just cool.

SI: You once told SI if you could meet anyone, it would be Michael Jordan. Did that ever happen?

Cube: I got to meet him and tell him how much I love him. He said Friday was his favorite movie. What more could I ask for?

SI: You were on the cover of the May 24, 1999, issue. Since then you've only gotten bigger. Why no SI cover jinx?

Cube: You know, I wasn't a rookie when y'all did me. I wasn't a new booty. I was a seasoned vet. I'm glad you didn't do that cover in 1988. I wouldn't be here now. --Richard Deitsch