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Ron Jaworski

SI: What will the night before the Super Bowl be like for Donovan McNabb?

Jaworski: He'll be very relaxed. I was with him before the championship game, and he was clearly comfortable with his game, himself and his team, whereas I didn't see that in the two previous NFC championship games. He has matured to the point where his football intelligence meets his football talents.

SI: Do you have good memories of Super Bowl XV, a 27-10 loss to the Raiders?

Jaworski: There's no question being in the Super Bowl is an incredible feeling. My memories for the most part are very good. Except for the final score.

SI: How many times have you watched that game film?

Jaworski: Zero. It's the one game I've never looked at. I once sat down to watch the tape, and as they were introducing the starting lineups, I turned it off.

SI: Can the Eagles beat the Patriots on Sunday?

Jaworski: Absolutely. I think their defense will keep them in the game. I'll be honest: I'm a little biased in my pick. I've got the Eagles winning 16-13.

SI: You are the president of the AFL's Philadelphia Soul, who are co-owned by Jon Bon Jovi. How is he as a boss?

Jaworski: He's passionate about football and a great guy to be around. After we lost our first-ever game last year, to New Orleans, we were all disappointed. I got a call at 5:30 in the morning that Monday from Jon, and he says, "Jaws, how long am I going to feel like this?"

SI: Former Sixers guard Doug Collins gave you the nickname Jaws. Why?

Jaworski: He was my next-door neighbor. He gave me the nickname, and it wasn't because of the movie. It was because my lips were always flapping. --Richard Deitsch