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Pro Prospects

An NBA scout evaluates Arizona guard Salim Stoudamire, a 6'1", 176-pound senior who was averaging 17.9 points and leading the nation in three-point shooting (54.7%) at week's end.

"He's athletic, he's tough, and he's a competitive son of a bitch. He will take any big shot, and if he misses five shots in a row, he'll still take the sixth one.... He's not a point guard, which is a negative because he's a really small two guard. Whoever says they can convert him to a point guard is wrong because if you do that, you take away from his strength, which is shooting.... I think you can make him a good defender; you just have to convince him it's important.... He'll play in the NBA. Anyone who shoots the ball like he does has incredible value.... I wouldn't make him a first-round pick, but I would certainly take him in the 30s."