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The Questions with Antwan Jamison Wizards Forward

What was your welcome-to-the-NBA moment? My first game at home [with Golden State in 1998], I was up against Charles Barkley. I had my family in the front row, and he realized that. He said, 'I'm not going to take it easy on you because your mama is sitting there in the front row. I'm going to get in your butt.' He didn't mean any disrespect by it. It was fun.

Your most embarrassing moment? When you get dunked on and your teammates point it out when you are watching film. You feel everybody's eyes focus in on you. Guys are smirking at you.

If I weren't in the NBA I'd be ... Doing something affiliated with basketball. Coaching, maybe, or in the front office. I would have to be affiliated with the game because I love it so much.

What would you do if you were commissioner for a day? I'd go focus on everybody who is doing something positive in the league. There are a lot of positives that get missed. There are not too many things that you want to change about the league because so much is good in its history.

Last Week

Jamison had a season-high 35 points in a 95--87 win over the Spurs last Wednesday.

This Week

Jamison, 28, heads to Denver for his first All-Star game, then the Wizards host Memphis on Feb. 23. The last time the teams met, in November, Jamison scored 34 points in a 103--91 win.