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Pro Prospects

An NBA scout evaluates the potential of New Mexico forward Danny Granger, a 6'8", 225-pound senior who at week's end was averaging 18.2 points, 8.7 rebounds, 2.2 steals and 2.1 blocks and shooting 47.5% from three-point range.

"Let's put it this way: He's a talent because he's 6'8" and he has some skills. He's more than just a post player--he handles the ball, he can pass, he'll grab defensive rebounds and lead the fast break.... I don't like the way he shoots the ball, but his statistics show that he's capable from three-point range.... He's long and bouncy.... He's piqued my interest in the best way. At this point I'm curious to see how he does in the draft workouts against high school and European players. I can't say anything conclusive about him as far as the NBA [some projections have him as a borderline first-round pick], but he is definitely on my radar screen."