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Pro Prospects

An NBA scout evaluates the potential of Florida forward David Lee, a 6'9", 240-pound senior who averages 13.3 points and 8.8 rebounds and shoots 52.4% from the field.

"He can score with either hand, he has good balance, and he's an excellent finisher.... He's athletic for a 6'9" player. His motor skills are excellent--he's good at running, jumping, stopping and changing directions.... He's very limited away from the rim. He's not going to make 15- or 18-footers like a lot of forwards these days. It's just not natural for him, and I don't think hours of practice will change it.... His statistics do not reflect his talent. I believe he's one of the sleepers of the draft. He's worthy of late-first-round consideration. I think he has a future in the NBA as a rotational player."