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Go Figure

Amount Karl Malone donated to Louisiana Tech, his alma mater, to upgrade the varsity weight room.

Value of the equipment Malone donated to stock Tech's varsity weight room, which is named in his honor, in 1995.

Field goals made by Blazers rookie center Ha Seung-Jin against the Grizzlies last Saturday, the first NBA points scored by a South Korean.

Times the Spurs have scored 100 points in 15 games against teams coached by former Knicks and current Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy.

1.8 million
Tickets the Washington Nationals have already sold for their inaugural season.

Major league teams (Devil Rays, Expos, Marlins Pirates and Royals) that failed to sell 1.8 million tickets last year.

Obscenities Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney was heard using on TV in one minute of a game last month; starting next season, professional soccer players in England who curse at referees will automatically receive a red card.

Career purse earnings--the highest total of all time for a pacer--of 8-year-old Gallo Blue Chip, who retired on Saturday.