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Royals Pitcher Kyle Snyder

Snyder, 27, has been plagued with injuries over his six-year career, having had Tommy John surgery on his right elbow in 2000 and two operations on his right shoulder in '03 and '04. The righthander came to Athletes' Performance to rehab and increase strength to help prevent new injuries. His program consists of a wide range of weight training and flexibility exercises as well as this workout below.

ROTATIONAL THROW WITH MEDICINE BALL Standing 12-to-15 feet from a wall in a pitcher's stance, Snyder lunges forward and pushes an 8.8-pound medicine ball against a wall. He does it again in a lefthander's stance. Six times on each side. "It works abdominals, obliques and lower back," says Snyder. "My body is using larger muscle groups to generate force, which is more efficient than just my shoulder."