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Recently an IMG memo came to light, promising to deliver elite players to corporate outings during tournament weeks for $50,000 to $200,000. The memo insinuated that the players would then play in the tournament, creating a thinly veiled means of skirting the Tour's ban on appearance fees. Since then SI has uncovered a second memo that appears to widen the scandal.



IMG will partner with your tournament in developing a unique, Monday golf event during the tournament week. The event will be run by IMG's Corporate Entertainment and Hospitality Group, which has years of experience in hosting and implementing special events with Tour players at top courses around the world. It is IMG's intention to secure six Tour professionals, focusing on those who traditionally have not played your tournament--these professionals will look favorably upon staying for the tournament, which may not enhance the strength of field but should increase TV viewership because these professionals receive enthusiastic support in their hometowns. Finally, this event will provide the tournament's sponsors with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to host clients or reward employees in an intimate setting with fairly well-known Tour professionals, creating an exceptional opportunity to build relationships. The sponsors may also use this day to entertain top performers through a sales incentive program.


IMG intends to secure several players from the following list of options:

Tier 1 (54-inch flat-screen HDTV, food processor, magnum of champagne)

*Joe Ogilvie (No. 58 World, No. 7 Money. Not Geoff.)

*Loren Roberts (No. 63 World, No. 48 Money. Will read all putts.)

*Aaron Oberholser (No. 67 World, No. 40 Money. Held 54-hole lead at Pebble.)

*Bob Tway (No. 76 World, No. 85 Money. Major winner!)

*Kevin Sutherland (No. 94 World, No. 36 Money. Second-team All-America.)

Tier 2 (iPod, Cheese of the Month Club membership. case of beer--cold)

*Nick O'Hern (No. 30 World, Australian! Beat Tiger in match play.)

*Peter O'Malley (No. 112 World, Australian! Beat Tiger in match play too.)

*Mark O'Meara (No. 122 World, No. 191 Money. Tiger's best friend)

*John Cook (No. 445 World, No. 162 Money. Lives down street from Tiger.)

*Willie Wood (No. 698 World. Comes right before Tiger alphabetically.)

Tier 3 ($100 bill, lesson with Hank Haney, case of beer--warm)

*Hank Kuehne (No. 210 World, No. 189 Money. Hits it really far.)

*Neal Lancaster (No. 236 World, No. 126 Money. Very colorful.)

*Tjaart van der Walt (No. 313 World. PGA Tour all-name team.)

*Matt Kuchar (No. 321 World, No. 199 Money. Great smile.)

*Mark Brooks (No. 388 World, No. 150 Money. Major winner!)

The players above are for reference only--we will take the tournament's lead on desired players. This group, however, would certainly provide distinction for the tournament.

IMG recommends securing two players from each tier.


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DO: If you're going to get fined for cussing, cuss during an official round.

DON'T: Wreck a courtesy car.