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Go Figure


Consecutive NCAA Division III men's swimming and diving championships won by Kenyon College, which won its latest title on March 19.

NBA teams that have followed a 50-loss season with a 50-win one; the Suns (29-53 in 2003-04, 52-17 this year) are the latest.

Years between NBA starts for Bucks point guard Anthony Goldwire, 33, who was in the starting lineup on March 22 for the first time since April 19, 1998, when he was with the Nuggets.

Days it took France's Maud Fontenoy, 27, to row 4,960 miles from Peru to French Polynesia, making her the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean.

Value of cash and prizes (including a Cadillac XLR convertible, a motor home and a sailboat) won by Sheena Lindholm, a freshman softball player at Eastern Oregon, on The Price Is Right, a record haul for the show.

Times in their last 11 games that the Mavericks have led at the end of the first quarter.

Games Dallas has won in that span.

Times former Dolphins running back Mercury Morris has had a 1972 Super Bowl ring stolen; the original was swiped in 1978, and last week a duplicate was stolen after he left it on a sink in a Miami hotel bathroom.