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Ty Votaw, 42, has been with the LPGA since 1991--the last six years as commissioner--or three fourths of his professional life. He has announced that he will leave the tour at the end of the season.

SI: Your thoughts on your last Kraft Nabisco?

TV: It has a real ambience to it. There's no other women's tournament that has been played on the same course and televised by a major network for 30-plus years. The players grew up watching this event. And three of the last four years we've had great weather while the Players Championship hasn't.

SI: What will you miss most?

TV: The people who are part of this traveling circus. Certainly the players, the 34 business units--the tournaments--and all the people who put on those tournaments. The fans, the media, my staff.

SI: Is there a time frame for naming your successor?

TV: I'd like a resolution in May or June so there can be a couple of months of transition while we're having three of our four majors.

SI: You must feel like NBA commissioner David Stern dealing with all these teenagers.

TV: The analogy isn't perfect because LeBron James isn't limited to playing only 25% of the NBA schedule. We have an eight-event cap for players under 18.

SI: Has the job been harder or easier than you imagined?

TV: It's gotten easier as time has passed. When I took over, I told the players that it'd be a struggle to keep all of them happy. What I underestimated was the extent to which I could make some of them unhappy.



Votaw's last stand.