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May 2, 2005 Table Of Contents

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Sports Illustrated Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Inside Cover

Questions For Vijay Singh

After beating John Daly in a playoff, Shell Houston Open winner Vijay Singh talked about the win and the Hall of Fame

By Jim Gorant

A List

What golfers are talking about

By Jim Gorant


By Bill Britton



By Gary Van Sickle

Just Call Him Mr. Asia

In 1981 Mike Cunning first played in the Far East as a lark. Today, the Phoenix native is the longest-tenured pro in Asian tour history

By John Garrity

My Shot

After almost 20 years on the Champions tour, I shouldn't be forced out of the game

By Chi Chi Rodriguez

Stik: Life and Times on the PGA Tour

By Chris Eliopoulos




Heaven Helps Them

By Steve Rushin

SI Players


Orioles Shortstop

By Miguel Tejada



[ Based on a survey of 227 NBA players ]

Inside Stuff

In a sprawling clubhouse, which includes a satellite TV in each locker and a customized weight room, the Mavericks are livin' large in the office

By Chris Mannix

The Questions with Richard Jefferson/Nets Forward

By Richard Jefferson

Crash Course

Driver Jimmie Johnson and his crew try to avoid disaster in 'the big one'

By Lars Anderson

NFL Draft

From Auburn to the NFL

Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown triggered a run on Tigers in the first round of the draft

By Michael Silver

One Extreme to the Other

QBs Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers both had a day to remember, but for entirely different reasons

By Peter King

All's Well That Ends Well

Playing all the chips in the Eli Manning trade took a while, but the Chargers came up winners

By Peter King

The Third World

Upbeat No. 3 pick Braylon Edwards looks like a No. 1 to Cleveland

By Jeffri Chadiha

Winners and Losers

The Vikings and Cowboys had banner drafts, but what were the Broncos and Rams thinking?

By Paul Zimmerman


The $90 Million Ragtag Wonders

Led by unlikely cheerleader Milton Bradley, the rejiggered Dodgers are making their G.M. look smart with a fast early run into first place

By Michael Farber

Playing the Waiting Game (Not Very Well)

No one knows when Barry Bonds will be back, but it may not be soon enough to save the Giants' season

By Phil Taylor

Pro Basketball

Texas Tough

Propelled by Tracy McGrady and boosted by a core of rugged role players, Houston stunned the Mavericks with two resounding wins in Dallas

By Jack McCallum

A Man Possessed

With his boundless energy and maniacal play, Andrés Nocioni gave the Bulls an early lift

By Chris Ballard


Get on My Wheel

After helping a young teammate win the Tour de Georgia, Lance Armstrong announced that he was on track to win his seventh--and last--Tour de France

By Austin Murphy



The Week In Sports

Inside Baseball

Short Supply

Once plentiful, young power-hitting shortstops--like Clint Barmes of the Rockies--are again hard to come by

By Tom Verducci

Buehrle Coming On with a Rush

White-Hot White Sox

By Albert Chen

No Gas Left in Pitchers' Tanks

Yankees' Downfall

Tom Verducci's View

A Job Well Done

By Tom Verducci

Inside Hockey

A New Wave

A generation of fresh faces is emerging to replace the stars who carried the U.S. for a decade

By Michael Farber

They're Just Saying No

Swedes in Turmoil

By Michael Farber


200-Dollar Babies

By Rick Reilly


Leading Off

Healer Dealer

Five months after surviving a tragic plane crash, Dick Ebersol struck a bargain with the NFL that is good news for the NBC executive, the league and fans

By Josh Elliott

Adults Only

David Stern wants teens out of the NBA. If he provides a nurturing alternative, his plan could work

By Chris Mannix

For the Record

Go Figure

Big Man on Campus

An aspiring dentist instead became an institution at Winston-Salem State

By Andrew Lawrence

The Show

By Bill Scheft

Q+A Elijah Wood

In Hooligans, the actor, 24, plays a student who becomes immersed in the world of English soccer thugs.

By Richard Deitsch

The Beat

By Lisa Altobelli

The Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Amanda Cherrin

Under Review

By Nancy Ramsey

Faces in the Crowd