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What golfers are talking about

Shock and Awe

A John Daly drive almost hit the elder President Bush. In retaliation the 101st Cavalry razed a Hooters.

Daly Show

Preplayoff he blew off the range, smoked, pounded a soda and goofed with his kids. That's how to become a loser and a winner at the same time.

Hall Pass

Vijay Singh was elected to the Hall of Fame. His bust will sit on the driving range.

Goose Honks

Retief Goosen says women should have to qualify for men's events. The news? Goosen has something to say.

Trade Surplus

The European tour played the second of four events in China, where pro golf is one of the few imports.

Biting the Hand

On a roll, Goosen lashed out at Chinese fans snapping photos during play. Maybe his silence was golden?

Tee Time

The course in China is called Pine Valley--7,000 miles away, and it's still easier to get on than the one in Jersey.

Moving Up

Houston is willing to switch dates with the Players--or any event in which Tiger Woods might play.




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