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Sweet Caroline

What a perfect cover with which to end the NCAA Tournament (April 11): The most dominating force of the year, Sean May, in front and the most dominating mind, Roy Williams, directing in the background. You can't describe the tournament better than that.

Nic Lake Cedar Falls, Iowa

It looks like Illinois, which started the NCAA tournament in March, had it end in April when the team ran into May (Man in the Middle, April 11).

Jerry Schwartz, Chamblee, Ga.

Just curious: If the NCAA tournament is the Big Dance, why are the men's and women's tournaments held in different states? If it's March Madness, why are the title games played in April?

Elliott Denman, West Long Branch, N.J.

Wheel Sports

It's wonderful to see my father, wheelchair basketball star Stan Kosloski, recognized for his accomplishments (Air and Space, April 11). Taking my dad to Fenway Park for the first time, however, was bittersweet. When Pokey Reese hit an inside-the-park home run that brought the entire crowd to its feet, my father couldn't see the play because the handicapped seating section is in the middle of the grandstand. There is much work still to be done to make public buildings accommodating to patrons with disabilities. Thanks to my father and your columnist Steve Rushin, more people may soon remember that.

Jennifer Kosloski, Boston

School Rink

After being teased by your occasional mentions of college hockey, it was a pleasure to see three whole pages devoted to the Frozen Four (It's All About the Hockey, April 11). With the NHL locked out, SI should more regularly showcase a brand of hockey that grows in popularity despite being snubbed by the national media.

Tony D'Amato, Pelham, Mass.

I hope Gary Bettman, Bob Goodenow and the rest of the hockey world realize that with a few improvements, the NHL could be just as good as NCAA hockey.

Jeff Superle, North Vancouver, B.C.

San Storm

I was astonished when I read in Scorecard (April 11) that Landon Donovan had once played for the San Diego Earthquakes. Obviously, SI doesn't know the way to San Jose--the 11th largest city in the U.S.

Keith Muraoka, Gilroy, Calif.

Editor's Note: SI regrets the error.

Honoring the Father

I find it insulting that you included Pope John Paul II in For the Record (Scorecard, April 11). If you couldn't devote a fuller report to him, then perhaps you should have considered him outside your scope. He's listed right next to Sued, Returned and Arrested. That's not right, SI.

Joe DeNardi, Williamsburg, Va.

Perhaps the photo of Pope John Paul II wielding a hockey stick will inspire peace in the NHL lockout.

Patricia Kurowski, Palmer, Mass.

Driving Force

Thank you to Jeff MacGregor for attempting to put into words exactly what a race car driver goes through (Bad, Brutal Fun, April 11). Jeff only went eight laps; can you imagine doing that at Bristol for 500 laps without a break? With 42 other cars on the track? Now maybe people will give NASCAR drivers a bit more respect.

Mallory Duff, Hampstead, Md.

Swing Time

What an amazing photo of Randy Johnson pitching to Johnny Damon at Yankee Stadium (Opening Night Jitters, April 11). That Damon is already starting his swing while the ball is still in the Big Unit's hands just shows how remarkably difficult it is to hit a baseball.

Steve Scott, Durham, N.C.

Roger's Record

Writing about Roger Maris, Rick Reilly says people are clamoring for asterisks on other sluggers' records (Life of Reilly, April 11). It's still Maris, however, who deserves the asterisk. It should read: Roger Maris, 61*; Last legitimate single-season home run record.

Bruce E. Beans, Warrington, Pa.

Reilly states that as far as he is concerned, the home run record belongs to Maris. This is the same author who last year wrote a column saying the single-season hit record should still belong to George Sisler--not Ichiro--because Sisler did it in a shorter season (Life of Reilly, Oct. 4, 2004). Using that logic, shouldn't Reilly believe the home run record belongs to Babe Ruth?

Jeff Appelgate, Prosser, Wash.

Hexual Heeling

On behalf of North Carolina fans worldwide it is my distinct pleasure to bid the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED cover jinx our last respects. You did a great job picking the champions in your preseason issue (Nov. 22, 2004).

Christopher Llewellyn Adams Superior, Wis.

Jinx? What jinx? You guys are brain surgeons!

Donald O. Hawkes, Greensboro, N.C.

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