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The Questions with Roy Halladay/Blue Jays Pitcher

What was your welcome-to-the-major-leagues moment?
My first plane ride with the team, in 1998. It was only from Cleveland to Detroit, but what a surprise. Every player had a seat and a half, the plane was so big. Food? I don't remember. I was so nervous I didn't eat during my first week in the majors.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
My second year I pitched four innings wearing the wrong cap. Everyone else had all-blue caps, and I had a blue cap with a red bill. It wasn't until the fourth inning that anyone noticed.

What is your favorite off-day activity?
Fishing for bass, trout.

If I weren't playing baseball, I'd be ...
a pilot like my father [Roy, who flew corporate jets].

If I were commissioner for a day, I would ...
get rid of the DH and put the Red Sox in the AL Central.

Last Week

On Friday his three-hit shutout beat the Yankees and made him 4-1.

This Week

Set to pitch on Wednesday in Baltimore. On April 24 the O's nicked him for six earned runs in six innings.