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What golfers are talking about

•BATTLE WEARY Battle at the Bridges organizers had three of the Big Four lined up, but for some reason Vijay Singh spiked the idea.

•ANNIKA WINS Sorenstam won the Chick-fil-A, saving us all from a barrage of "What's wrong with Annika?" stories.

•HAMMERED On Thursday, Hank Keuhne passed out on the course from dehydration. Guess he forgot to drink and drive.

•WIE SETBACK Michelle shot a 76 and failed to advance in U.S. Open qualifying. Instead of Pinehurst, she'll spend Open week at the mall.

•JANZEN SURGERY Lee had an emergency appendectomy last Friday. He had to withdraw from the Nelson, but his surgeon made the cut.

•60TH ANNIVERSARY The only thing more impressive than Byron Nelson's 11 wins in a row is his ability to get the top five players to come to Las Colinas.

•EVERYTHING'S BIG It had to kill Hank Haney that his star pupil's Texas-sized cut streak ended in the swing coach's backyard.



Hank Keuhne