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Original Issue

The Lineup

Sports Illustrated

MAY 23, 2005

VOLUME 102, NO. 21



4 Leading Off

10 Letters


13 Air and Space

Once they were Warriors, now they're Worriers: Marquette's mascot muddle by Steve Rushin


16 Scorecard

• Sweet Lou in sports hell

• Superfecta guys' Preakness picks

• Climber's no-oxygen Grand Slam

• New pre-Indy women's mark


24 Faces in the Crowd

27 Players

72 The Life of Reilly

Forced to choose between tests and a title, Tulsa's golf coach shot an ace for student-athletes by Rick Reilly


Inside ...

67 Hockey

• Jagr leads Czechs to world title

68 Boxing

• Winky jabs Tito from post to post

70 Baseball

• Rogers's changeup baffles batters



36 Fun with the Suns

Steve Nash's wizardry and the Mavs' crafty efforts to thwart him have made for an exhilarating series

by Chris Ballard



42 Sound of Santana

In the clubhouse Johan Santana is all music, fun and games, but on the mound he's dominant

by S.L. Price



48 The Real Deal

In a sport famous for eating its young, Spain's Rafael Nadal, 18, looks like he's here for good

by L. Jon Wertheim


52 The Sprinter

For Paralympic champion Marlon Shirley, childhood was a nightmare. Losing a foot, he says, was the least of it by S.L. Price




INSET PHOTOS: Al Tielemans (Santana); Simon Bruty (Shirley)

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• Boston's Jedi Knights defeated the Evil Yankees Empire. As Revenge of the Sith opens, examines other parallels between sports and Star Wars.

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Twins ace Johan Santana can do just about anything he wants with a baseball (page 42).