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Ricky Carmichael


After taking his fourth 250-cc AMA supercross series title, Ricky Carmichael, 25, transitioned to the motocross series on Sunday with a win in Sacramento. SI caught up with the winningest Moto X racer in history between his victories.

Star Wars: I'm curious to see what it'll be like just because of the hype.

NBA playoffs: I want the Heat to go all the way, me being from Florida, and a Shaq fan.

Fast food: I like McDonald's. I try to watch my figure and be sensible. If I have a weekend off in the off-season, I'll splurge.

Moto X groupies: I just think they're crazy. I really don't have time [for them]. I try to spend a lot of time with the kids. They're the future.

The runaway bride: That is just crazy. If that guy marries her, he's just as crazy as she is. He needs to run as fast as he can.

Rival James (Bubba) Stewart: He's exciting to watch. He's a great competitor with lots of enthusiasm.

Social Security crisis: You know, I still don't understand that whole Social Security business. I don't see where I'm going to benefit.

Health insurance: Definitely need it. It's hard to get, though, with the sport that we do.

Retirement: Maybe in a couple years. I try not to think about it. It becomes a distraction.




The '05 Super X champ is now going for the Moto X title.