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July 11, 2005 Table Of Contents

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Air and Space

There Is No "I" in Steve

By Steve Rushin

SI Players: Life On and Off the Field

TALKING WITH Pro Volleyball Player MISTY MAY And her husband, Marlins Catcher MATT TREANOR

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

Who's Hot Who's Not

Edited by Kostya Kennedy


Edited by Kostya Kennedy

The Questions with Scott Kazmir

Devil Rays Pitcher

By Kostya Kennedy

Doing It My Way

Diamondbacks leftfielder Luis Gonzalez taps the plate three times before every at bat to honor his triplets. That's not the half of it

Edited by Kostya Kennedy


Edited by Kostya Kennedy

A Matter of Degrees

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

Panthers and Their Young

Carolina players have created a place where kids can learn--and raise a ruckus

Edited by Kostya Kennedy


Surprise Return

While Roger Federer won his third straight title at Wimbledon, it was the unexpected triumph of a joyful Venus Williams that enchanted the crowds

By S.L. Price


My All-Star Team

By Tom Verducci


Joltin' Jones

In the nick of time for a nicked-up team, Andruw Jones is having the breakout power season the Braves have long hoped for

By Michael Farber

World Bangers

At this year's All-Star break, the Home Run Derby goes international

By Albert Chen

Surprises of the Summer

Halfway through the season some unexpected names sit atop the leader boards. But will they stay there?

Pro Basketball

The Lakers' Very Big Gamble

In a surprising (and surprisingly well-orchestrated) move, Los Angeles drafted 17--year-old Andrew Bynum, betting he'll measure up to his predecessors in the pivot

By Ian Thomsen

High Pair of Heels

Drafting two local heroes in the lottery won't hurt the Bobcats at the gate. But more important, it will help them on the court

By Ian Thomsen

Number 2 with a Bullet

Motor Sports

The Long Road Back

No driver has been hotter than Tony Stewart and no star colder than Dale Earnhardt Jr., but with his third-place finish at the Pepsi 400, Junior rejoined the race for the Chase

By Lars Anderson

Summer Double Issue


By Text by Richard Deitsch

Sports Tribes

By Karl Taro Greenfeld

SI's 25 Summer Essentials

The ultimate sports summer? How much time, gas and courage have you got? SI's writers make their personal recommendations here for things they feel you absolutely must do, watch, read or eat before Labor Day. Getting married in the mouth of that very large fish (page 111) is, of course, optional

By Peter King

SI's 25 Lost Treasures

In an age when Ty Cobb's dentures have gone up for auction and even checkers has its own hall of fame, you might think every sports collectible had already been collected. But the whereabouts of some key items remain a mystery. A fortune awaits those who can find these Holy Grails

SI's 2 Amazing Animals

They may not hold postgame press conferences, date Tara Reid or sign multimillion dollar contracts. But that doesn't mean they aren't consummate professionals. They've mingled with world leaders, inspired fans, and, as athletes and competitors, they're pure beasts.

By Ben Reiter

Sixth Annual Where Are They Now?

25 Years Later

Lost in Translation

First of all, in regards to the two most famous words in all of sports, he never said them. Not that it matters much. His words were still a declaration of surrender. But what Roberto Duran actually said on that strange November night in New Orleans 25 years ago was "No peleo [I won't fight]," wagging his glove softly, his back to Sugar Ray Leonard, their rematch suddenly and shockingly over. This is weird news, after all this time. So where, you ask, did No màs, the most memorable phrase yet for athletic capitulation, come from? Duran, who has been an enormously playful storyteller throughout lunch (he is in Minneapolis to help a friend with a boxing promotion), turns into his old, forbidding self. In language that would survive any translation--we all know what puta means, right?--he blames announcer Howard Cosell. "I am standing here, he is sitting there," Duran petulantly explains. "How does he know what I'm saying?"

By Richard Hoffer


THOUGH HE is 55 and has not stepped into a ring professionally for three years, Larry Holmes is picking a fight. On the About Larry Holmes page on, the ex-heavyweight champ lists both his most recent bout--a 10-round decision over Eric (Butterbean) Esch on July 27, 2002--and his hoped-for next one: "George Foreman ???????????????????"

By Jaime Lowe

Painful Reminders

[JIM PLUNKETT] The Raiders' two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback is having a fine retirement, but his knees, shoulder, back and neck are living in the past

By Michael Silver

Sudden Impact

[MAGIC JOHNSON] A quarter century ago in the NBA Finals an effervescent rookie took his team--and the league--on his shoulders and lifted it to greatness

By Jack McCallum


An original Showtimer, he hasn't mellowed or slowed down

By L. Jon Wertheim


The NBA's first early entry wants his rightful place in history

By S.L. Price

A Whole New Deal

[ DENNY CRUM ] - Four years after retiring from Louisville, where he won NCAA hoops titles in 1980 and '86, the Hall of Fame coach is trying his hand on the poker circuit

By John Walters


The former Louisville bruiser is now in the business of comfort

By Julia Morrill

People's Champion

[EVONNE GOOLAGONG-CAWLEY] The winner of seven Grand Slam singles titles is back home in Australia, helping young Aborigines get a leg up both in tennis and in life

By L. Jon Wertheim


The Swedish tennis legend lives as he once played: quietly

By L. Jon Wertheim


Their indomitable will made all the difference in the World Series, when they beat the Royals in six games--and it has served them well in the years since

Lost and Found

The compelling personalities of 1980 include Cha-Cha and the Kaiser, Seve and Skeets, a rebellious QB and the peskiest golfer--make that gopher--in all of film

By Julia Morrill

The Life of Reilly

Centerfield Centerfold

By Rick Reilly


Art of the Game

The Negro leagues served as the muse for a traveling exhibit

By Jaime Lowe

Give It Your All

Edited by Mark Bechtel

Leading Off


The Sports Sleuths

Cleaning House

NBA teams now have incentive to dump overpaid players--and those guys can make even more elsewhere. Got it? Your guide to the league's new rules

By Stephen Cannella


Facing NCAA sanctions in two major sports earlier this year, Ohio State suddenly has reasons to rejoice

By George Dohrmann

For the Record

Edited by Mark Bechtel

Go Figure

Edited by Mark Bechtel


Edited by Mark Bechtel

The Thinker

For years the Chiefs thrived on coach Hank Stram's innovative game plans

By Paul Zimmerman

Labor of Love

Team Tennis is ignored by just about everyone--except the stars who play it

By L. Jon Wertheim

Q + A Dan Wheldon

The 27-year-old from Emberton, England, won the Indy 500 and leads the IndyCar Series by 76 points

By Richard Deitsch

The Beat

By Adam Duerson

The Weeks Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Amanda Cherrin

Now on

Breaking news, scores, schedules and fresh, original Web-only stories and columns 24/7

By Tom Verducci

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Mark Bechtel