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August 8, 2005 Table Of Contents

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Leading Off

Leading Off


Just Like the Majors

The Diamondbacks have built 17 minireplicas of Bank One Ballpark for use by Arizona youth leagues

By Andrew Lawrence

Catching Up With

Walt Garrison, Fullback

SEPTEMBER 18, 1972

By Mike Mcallister


Talk About Hazards

By Steve Rushin

SI Players: Life On and Off the Field


Cubs manager, and his famous son, Darren

By Paul Sullivan

SI Players

Who's Hot/Who's Not

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

Boomer's Humors

A loquacious lefty gives the lowdown on eats and umps

By Sarah Thurmond


Edited by Kostya Kennedy

The Questions with Joe Nathan

Twins Closer

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

Tale of My Tattoo

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

Heat of the Moment

How the pros are coping with the broiling summer of 2005

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

Pro Football


As TRAINING CAMPS open across the nation, the ever-more-popular NFL is looking at a season like no other

By Peter King


Five NFL Vets Demonstrate What They Go Through to Prepare for Training Camp: The Toughest Off-Season Workouts

By Jeffri Chadiha

Bottom's Up!

Mired in last place two months ago, the youthful A's have turned up their intensity, gone on a 40-14 tear and moved into the playoff picture

By Albert Chen


Make Way for Morgan

Out of a swarm of U.S. teen sensations comes record-breaking amateur Morgan Pressel, who is dead set on becoming the No. 1 women's pro. (Look out, Michelle)

By E.M. Swift

Motor Sports

Bringing It All Back Home

Returning to live in the Indiana town of his boyhood has given Tony Stewart, once NASCAR's stormiest driver, a new calm and put him on track for a second Cup title

By Lars Anderson


Rapid Robert Can Still Bring It

Like his legendary heater, Bob Feller comes at you fast and hard--and he's got a lot on his mind

By Frank Deford



The Week In Sports

Inside Swimming

IM Woman

Individual medley star Katie Hoff, 16, led the way as a new generation of U.S. female talent surfaced at worlds

By Brian Cazeneuve

Inside Baseball

No Big Deal

The Red Sox held on to Manny Ramirez as the trade deadline passed. Now they only hope he's as happy as he says he is

By Tom Verducci

Tom Verducci's View

By Tom Verducci


Fore Thoughts

By Rick Reilly


Forget Fauvism. This is Favreism

Tim Laun draws artistic inspiration from his passion for the Green Bay Packers--and a certain quarterback

By Jaime Lowe



After pointedly telling Congress he was clean, and joining the 3,000-hit club, Rafael Palmeiro got busted for steroids. His denials, without details, don't mean much

By Tom Verducci

Bitter Tee

A Pennsylvania Tee-ball coach is charged with conspiring to injure a disabled child

Edited by Mark Bechtel

For the Record

Edited by Mark Bechtel

Go Figure

Edited by Mark Bechtel

Isthmus Be the Place

Three years after Arkansas fired him, Nolan Richardson gets a job in Panama

By Amanda Cherrin

New Wives' Tales

If soccer stars really acted as they do in a new show, the game might catch on here

Edited by Mark Bechtel

Q + A Billy Bob Thornton

The 49-year-old actor plays coach Morris Buttermaker in Bad News Bears

By Richard Deitsch

The Beat

By Adam Duerson

The Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Amanda Cherrin

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Mark Bechtel