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Q+A Lisa Marie Presley

The singer (Now What) will be the grand marshal of the Busch Series Sam's Town 250 on Oct. 22 in Memphis

SI: You performed before the Pepsi 400 in Daytona. How much did you know about NASCAR before that?

Presley: That was the first race I ever attended. When I was in the pits, I got to listen to what the drivers were saying to the crew. And now, oddly enough, I've been watching on Sundays.

SI: NBC analyst and former Cup driver Wally Dallenbach took you around the track for a spin. You looked spooked.

Presley: He was riding a half inch away from the wall and bottoming out, which freaked me out. It was exciting, but the guy was definitely capitalizing on his moment on TV. He was having his own party. A party for one.

SI: What was it like meeting the drivers?

Presley: They were all great. I can't believe they sit in that heat. I got in one of those race uniforms. It's like 250 degrees with that on. If that were me, I would have been in the ER getting electrolytes.

SI: How would you classify yourself as a driver?

Presley: I'd use the word offense. I don't drive defensively.

SI: Anyone ever take you on a date to a sporting event?

Presley: No, but I wouldn't be that excited to go. I always skipped P.E. in school, and I hated sports.

SI: Legend has it your father got cut from his high school football team in Memphis for refusing to shave his sideburns. He also loved touch football. Do you remember him playing?

Presley: I never saw him play, but my son [Benjamin, 12] loves football. He's picked that up.

SI: If you could perform any athletic feat, what would it be?

Presley: To have been an Olympic ice skater. It's an amazing talent. But I suck. I can barely get around the rink. I just try to make it look like I'm not about to break my leg. --Richard Deitsch