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Kasha Rigby

Kasha Rigby never stays put for long. Traveling 10 months a year, the 35-year-old from Salt Lake City has made more than 30 first descents. This month in Nepal she will tackle Cho Oyu, her first 8,000-meter peak, attempting only the second ski descent by a woman.

Vegetarianism: I don't like to tell anyone that I'm a vegetarian, because I get so much grief from meat eaters.

Israel's withdrawing from Gaza: I don't think it's going to solve anything. It's so complicated there, and still no one's happy.

Worst airport: LAX. I can't get from terminal to terminal. I always miss my flight at LAX.

Mortgage payments: Don't have them. Every time I save a dime, I take it and go traveling.

Brad and Angelina: I so don't care. I don't think girls should chase married men.

Forty-year-old virgins: Glad it's not me.

Favorite peak: Ah, they're all so beautiful. I really loved being with my best friends on Kuitan Peak in Mongolia [in 2002].

Settling down: I'm totally enchanted by the idea.

Dream date: It would not be a dirty climbing trip. We'd go surf, eat fresh fish and fresh mango, be salty and tanned and make out.

If I had a million dollars: I'd end up with a mortgage.




With no mortgage woes, Rigby skis the highest peaks.