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ON THE ROAD WITH... Mike Tyson

Aug. 6, Porto Cervo, Sardinia A day after partying with Victoria Beckham on a private yacht, Tyson is accused of attacking a woman at a nightclub. (Paris Hilton was at the club and waved at Mike, but he ignored her.) Italian police investigate, but no charges have been filed.

Aug. 11, Isle of Capri Tyson is fined $370 for riding his Jet Ski too close to the shore and without a helmet.

Aug. 21, Istanbul Tyson, who in his heyday owned several Bentleys, shows up at the Turkish Grand Prix. After a tour of the pits Tyson watches the race in the suite of Renault Formula One team owner Flavio Briatore--who, like Tyson, once dated Naomi Campbell.

Sept. 5, Moscow Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky claims he has a meeting set up with Tyson at a Czech restaurant. Zhirinovsky, an eccentric radical, plans to offer Tyson asylum to escape the "looming demise" of the U.S. He also promises to share with Tyson some of "his own green tea." Alas, Tyson blows off the meeting.

Sept. 15, Gudermes, Chechnya Lured with the promise of dumplings--and a meeting with a strongman who has his own army--Tyson attends a boxing tournament. Tyson's host: Deputy Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov, who controls a private militia accused of killing hundreds. The Chechen boxing federation, headed by Kadyrov, promised to "welcome [Tyson] as dear guest in accordance with Chechen traditions and will treat him to our ancient meal, zhizhik-galnash [a meat and dumpling dish]." Tyson addresses the crowd of 2,000, saying he hopes peace will return to the war-torn area.


Randal Vanderveer/Globe Photos (Willie Nelson)


George Lange/Corbis Outline (Charles Kuralt)


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Teddy B. Blackburn/TBB Enterprises (Tyson)