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The Questions with Kevin Mawae

Jets Center

What was your welcome-to-the-NFL moment?

As a rookie I was on the wedge on the kickoff return team for Seattle against Tampa Bay. I thought I was cool because in college you had to wear a mouthpiece, but here you didn't. So I was running down the field to make my block, and I got blindsided, laid out. I almost bit through my tongue. Blood everywhere. I realized that this is not college. To this day I don't know who hit me.

Your most embarrassing moment?

I am one of those guys that doesn't get embarrassed. I am too laid-back.

Your favorite off-day activity?

Taking my two kids to practice and lunch and playdates. Just spending time with my family.

If I weren't in the NFL, I'd be ...

teaching football. I love the game, and I love exposing it to others.

If I were commissioner for a day, I'd ...

decrease the length of the preseason. Too many players get hurt.

Last Week

Mawae, a Leesville, La., native, visited Hurricane Katrina victims in Louisiana a few days before Jets' 17-7 win over Miami.

This Week

Jets host the Jags, against whom he has gone 2-3 in his career.