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Clive Owen

The 41-year-old British actor (Croupier) stars in Derailed, which opens on Friday

SI: Did you undergo special training to prepare for your love scenes with Derailed co-star Jennifer Aniston?
Owen: No, that's all on instinct [laughs].

SI: Are you a big sports fan?
Owen: I am a big soccer fan and a very big Liverpool fan. I go to the games when I can, which is often limited to when they come to London. And I'm into horse racing as well.

SI: Last May, Liverpool overcame a 3-0 deficit to beat AC Milan in the Champions League final. Were you there?
Owen: I had tickets to the game [in Istanbul], but I had to be in New York the next day for work. I stayed in London and hung out with a bunch of people at a bar. One of those guys, weirdly enough, was Mickey Rourke. At halftime he was going, 'Come on, what's the matter with your guys?' because we were being beaten three-nil. Then he witnessed the crazy reaction when we came back.

SI: Were you at the Breeders' Cup last month?
Owen: The Breeders' Cup is my favorite [day of racing], and it was cruel because this year it was in New York and I had a lot of friends who were going. I had to go to a junket in New York for Derailed, so instead of being at the Breeders' Cup, I'm 40 minutes away in a hotel. If I had thought quickly enough, I would have gotten [executive producer] Harvey Weinstein to hold the junket at the track.

SI: What wager has satisfied you the most?
Owen: I swear this is true: I backed Liverpool at 80 to 1 to win the Champions League. Eight zero to one! [Early in the tournament] they looked like they were on their way out, so the price was pushed way out.

SI: Care to tell us how much you won?
Owen: No [laughs]. But that was a very good day.

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