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Monday Morning Quarterback

Peter King offers his 10 Things I Think I Think

I think these are my quick-hit thoughts of Week 13.

• Chicago cornerback Charles Tillman may have made my All-Pro team. Seven tackles, one sack, one interception (returned 95 yards), three passes defensed, one forced fumble.

• Wideout Koren Robinson swore to coach Mike Tice it wouldn't be a mistake for Minnesota to sign him after he screwed up so badly in Seattle. His 148-yard receiving day against Detroit shows he was right.

• An Indianapolis-Chicago Super Bowl. Peyton Manning versus Kyle Orton. That is the strangest thought of all time.

• Trick Play of the Year: Bradlee Van Pelt runs in at QB for Denver with the ball at the Kansas City seven. Jake Plummer splits wide left as a receiver. Van Pelt takes the snap, and with the Chiefs looking around, Van Pelt, on the first touch of his career, runs for a touchdown. Tie game, 21-21.

I think this is what I liked about Week 13.

• Loved Hines Ward (left) imitating the Ickey Shuffle.

• Bengals QB Carson Palmer redeemed himself against the Steelers. Put the ball on the money consistently. And, unlike in previous losses to Pittsburgh and Indy, didn't throw it to the other team in the second half.

• The Panthers' DeShaun Foster. After his last two weeks--205 yards--he's the featured back on this team. He's just better than Stephen Davis right now.

I think this is what I didn't like about Week 13.

• Officials are doing a horrible job of enforcing the horse-collar-tackle rule. Perfect example in the Giants-Cowboys game: Mr. Horse Collar himself, Roy Williams (below), grabbed Tiki Barber from behind and tugged him down, backward. No call. What are you waiting for, zebras?

• The attitude of Bills running back Willis McGahee. After a horrible loss to Miami, he said, "I'm over 1,000 yards. That's my highlight of the day.... If I called the plays, I'd have 60 carries." Way to be a team guy, Willis.

• I'm not trying to pick on Steve McNair (above left), because he's been one terrific pro. But watching him play now is sad. Does a game go by in which he doesn't get hurt? He's the Billy Kilmer of our time, the gutsy guy who's never able to stay healthy.

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