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Q & A: Ty Murray and Jewel

The nine-time rodeo world champion and the Grammy--nominated singer have been dating for seven years

SI: Do you get recognized when you're in each other's world?
Jewel: I guess I stuck out in the beginning. I always told Ty how he dressed made him stand out. He'd say, "Look at you. You're wearing orange high heels, a green dress and purple sunglasses."
Murray: The first time I ever went to one of Jewel's concerts, a black transvestite came up to me...
Jewel: And said, "Ty Murray, I love you."

SI: Is riding a bull like anything else in sports?
Murray: I think it's comparable to every other sport, except the stakes are higher. I know the rest of America can't relate to bullriding. Everybody has played football or baseball or basketball. But to me and most guys who ride, it's no different than football. It's being able to run across the middle and catch a pass when you know the middle linebacker is right there.

SI: Do you compete against each other in any sport?
Murray: We've played tennis and stuff, but we're usually on the same team.
Jewel: The whole Murray family, everybody loves to bet, and everyone is competitive. He usually matches me against his mom. And she whups me whether it's arm wrestling or foot racing--you name it. She's 60 years old. But I beat Ty at target shooting and Uno.

SI: The Professional Bull Riders tour is starting to attract a more mainstream audience. Do you think interest will continue to rise?
Jewel: Bullriding is easy to watch because the danger is really tangible. The musicians who come watch it all love it. [Riders] face life-threatening circumstances. That's why the sport has grown. I also think every kid grows up wanting to be a cowboy. I've seen lawyers in New York in business suits walk up to Ty and practically cry, "Oh, my God! You're Ty Murray!" I think all guys want to be cowboys. And all girls want to have sex with them.

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