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Q&A: Dale Murphy

The two-time NL MVP, 49, is the author of The Scouting Report, a how-to guide to negotiating life as a professional athlete

SI: Why write a book giving advice on business management, selecting agents and balancing career and family?

Murphy: Part of it was frustration over the behavior of some of today's athletes. Hopefully it will spur guys into realizing what an opportunity they have and that it's not going to last forever.

SI: Who is an athlete who managed his career the right way?

Murphy: Phil Niekro. He played as hard as he could. And the business of his career was handled in a professional way.

SI: This book is mainly for athletes. What can the general public learn from it?

Murphy: It can apply to anybody regarding the balance of career and family. But professional athletics has challenges other careers don't.

SI: The Hall of Fame voting will be announced on Jan. 10. You're one of 29 players on the ballot. How closely will you pay attention?

Murphy: I'm realistic about my chances. My [voting] numbers haven't been very close. It's a very challenging place to get into, and it should be. I'm not sitting on pins and needles.

SI: What players from your era should be in the Hall?

Murphy: Bruce Sutter, not only for being a fantastic reliever but also because the split-fingered fastball changed things in baseball. And Goose Gossage. These guys went longer than today's closers, sometimes two or three innings.

SI: Is there an athlete today that you cite as a blueprint for success?

Murphy: I don't hear a lot about Derek Jeter or his contract. He plays hard, he plays every day, and he loves the game. He gives back to the community, and he handles his affairs in a professional way. It can be done.

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