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Chris Simms


On wanting to have kids while young

I was six when my dad [Phil] won the Super Bowl with the Giants in 1987. I liked that I could watch his career and have an understanding of it. I want my kids to enjoy my career too. My wife, Danielle, is four months pregnant.

On his favorite things about growing up in New Jersey

I love the food and the people. I have great respect and pride in the f-you Jersey attitude. We're kind of famous for that. There are a lot of people confined to a small area, so it's really competitive. People are always trying to get the best of you.

On the quarterback potential of his little brother, Matt

He's a junior at Don Bosco Prep, which lost in the New Jersey state championship last month. He can really throw. I could really throw at that age too, but he's a step ahead of me. It hurts me to say that.

On former 49ers QB Steve Young, who recently angered Phil Simms by saying Chris had grown up in a "laissez-faire environment" and "lacked mental toughness"

Coach [Jon Gruden] mentioned bringing him here to tutor me before last season because he's a lefty like me and he played a lot in this offense. It never happened, but if he wanted to come down and tutor me, I would still listen. I'm not mad at him. He's entitled to his opinion. He's still one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. What he said doesn't bother me because I know it's not true.

On why coach Gruden calls him the hardest-working QB he's had

I'm usually here around 6:15 in the morning to watch film and get my thoughts organized before the day gets started. We have our first meeting at 8:00 a.m., then a walk-through, then another meeting and then a half hour for lunch before we even start practice. We have a meeting after practice as well. After that I'll work out and then catch a little more film before I get out of here around 6 p.m.

On why he used to write BE CALM on his wristbands

Sometimes I get a little too excited during the game. In college [at Texas] there were instances when I would come out throwing the ball too hard, and it would bounce off a receiver's face mask. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't get too amped up. But I don't write it anymore. The NFL made me take them off. They have so many uniform rules, and I guess they could see that speck of black on my wristband, and that was it.

On his connection with Phil

We talk three or four times a week. We're sports junkies, so we'll talk about the whole NFL and different teams. He'll talk with me about my fundamentals as far as throwing the ball, but he won't talk about my decision-making on the field. He knows I'm in the NFL and around great coaches. And he'll talk to me about the media. He always tells me to be careful what I say.

--As told to Lisa Altobelli



Photograph by Bill Frakes