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On gettinggrooming advice from his father, Yuki, a hairstylist in Seattle

His take on the goatee is that he is fine with it as long as I keep it trim.Living in Colorado Springs [at the Olympic Training Center], I tend to just letthings grow out because of the intense focus on my training. Kind of like amountain man.

On choosing tolive in the dormlike setup at the OTC, although, thanks to his manyendorsements, he has the means to live in a mansion

I wanted to stay grounded and be in the mix of the intensity. It is not themost luxurious room, but this is where I had success before. My room is justlike any other. It just has my stuff in it.

On his awkwardmoment in The Tonight Show dressing room

Right after the2002 Games, I was flown to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I wanted to lookpresentable. I borrowed a

razor in thegreenroom--I had to use a cheap one with soap as shaving cream. I had a fewnicks, and while cleaning up the mess, I heard that oh-so-recognizable voice:"Apolo? Where ya hiding at, buddy? What the hell are you doing?" It wasJay Leno. I felt like a knucklehead.

On the differencebetween Apolo Ohno 2006 and Apolo Ohno 2002

Hopefully I amstronger, faster, mentally tougher and [more] prepared, and I enjoy the sporteven more. Appreciation of certain things definitely comes later in life, and Ihave had the opportunity to appreciate the special aspects of being anOlympian.

On what makes theOlympic atmosphere so special

The hard work, thededication, the sacrifice, the fact that we only get media coverage every fouryears, the history of the Olympic ideals and values. It is about the bestcoming together for the greatest sporting event. Awesome.

On competing inSouth Korea in October for the first time since the 2002 Games, when he wasvilified in the Korean press after a Korean skater was disqualified forimpeding his progress, giving Ohno the gold

We were treated sowell in Korea--from the moment we arrived, it was wonderful. They wanted tomake sure the team was safe and that we had a good clean competition. Our teamgot pretty sick, a stomach flu, but I was able to compete well and brought hometwo gold medals.

On his goals forthese Olympics

One goal was justto get to Torino. Now I just want to finish and say, "I did my best,"regardless of the outcome. That would be perfect.

On what he seeshimself doing after speedskating

Time will tell. Somany avenues and doors have opened up because of this sport. I give myself nolimitations.



Photograph by Michael O'Neill