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Four Aces

I see that youhave developed a novel solution to the dreaded cover jinx: put all four NFLconference championship game participants on regional covers (Jan. 23). Withthe Seahawks, Broncos, Steelers and Panthers each having a cover, the jinxcancels itself out. Perhaps you should consider doing this before all majorsporting events!

Louis H. Griffel,Springfield, N.J.

Please pick acover and stick with it--how else are we going to know who is cursed?

Jim Stewart,Selah, Wash.

Hoops andHistory

Gene Menez's ANight to Remember (SCORECARD, Jan. 23), regarding Texas Western's 1966 NCAAchampionship game win over Kentucky, was appreciated by all us old Detroitresidents. While point guard Bobby Joe Hill was actually a Highland Park,Mich., native, his leadership of the Miners and their historic victory was anational story. Of no less importance, however, is that coach Joel Mason'sWayne State Tartars started five African-American players in 1954, the sameyear that the Supreme Court decided Brown v. Board of Education and SI beganpublishing. Your story and the movie Glory Road conjure up wonderful memoriesof both teams, and they remind us how far collegiate athletics have come inAmerica.

Joseph A. Garcia,Lansing, Mich.

Father Figure

Thanks for yourexcellent profile on Paul Tagliabue (The Big Man, Jan. 23). His openlyexpressed love and acceptance of his gay son and his son's partner say volumesabout him. His attitude has got to be shaking up some hard-core football fans,not to mention players. It's about time.

Greg Tamblyn,Kansas City, Mo.

Guns andSports

Thank you, SteveRushin, for discussing the meaningless tragedy that guns wreak on Americansdaily (AIR AND SPACE, Jan. 23). If we lost as many soldiers in Iraq as we loseto gun violence (30,000 a year), we'd be marching in the streets. Because thesedeaths happen one or two at a time, on our own soil, as part of our right toown and perhaps misuse just about any firearm we want, no one but the victims'families grieve.

Lori A. O'Neill,Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Rushin is one ofthe reasons I subscribe to SI. He always seems to have a unique perspective andis almost always entertaining. That said, I was disappointed in his column ongun violence. I subscribe to Time to read about gun control and other suchheady issues, and I subscribe to SI to read about sports. I'm begging you,Steve, stick to the sports.

Mike Carter,Schofield, Wis.

Noah's Arc

Thank you forGrant Wahl's enlightening profile on Florida's Joakim Noah (The Son Also Rises,Jan. 23). As a coach in New York City, I witnessed Joakim's rise firsthand. Hisinnate understanding of the world and his affable nature have always made him aunique and popular character. Many critics and scouting gurus did not predictthis gangly young man's success while he loped up and down the city's courts.Good things do happen to good people.

Daniel Feigin,New York City

Sled Cred

Rick Reilly isusually entertaining, but he just doesn't get skeleton (LIFE OF REILLY, Jan.23). It's more exciting than bobsled or luge. Just watching it makes you feellike a kid on a snow day from school, when you would run and jump onto yourFlexible Flyer, screaming down the hill, then trudge back up and do itagain.

David Feinman,New York City

Reilly deservesthe gold for his column on the Winter Olympic "sport" known asskeleton. I laugh this hard maybe once every four years.

Dan Hunter,Medina, Ohio

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