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For the Record

By John McEnroe, 47, the SAP Open doubles championship in San Jose, making himthe oldest player to win an ATP Tour title in 30 years. In the final McEnroeand partner Jonas Bjorkman beat Paul Goldstein and Jim Thomas. McEnroe (above)last entered an ATP tournament in 1994, but he played with the quickness andtouch that made him one of the world's top doubles players in his prime. "Ifelt like I had it in me, but I didn't know quite what was going tohappen," he said. He overshadowed a somewhat younger star: Britain's AndyMurray, 18, who upset former world No. 1s Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick towin his first ATP singles title.

That he plans to retire, Barry Bonds. On Monday, USA Today quoted the Giantsslugger, who played in just 14 games last year because of a knee injury, assaying 2006 would be his last season: "I want to play this year out,hopefully win, and once the season is over go home and be with my family."But then Bonds, 41, backed away from his comments. "If I can play [in2007], I'm going to play," he told on Monday. "I'm playingpsychological games with myself right now. I don't want to set myself up fordisappointment if things don't work out this season." Bonds is 47 home runsshy of Hank Aaron's career record of 755.

According to reports, by the Dolphins' Ricky Williams, the NFL's drug policy.Williams, 28, who had tested positive for marijuana three times and served afour-game suspension last season, tested positive for a banned substanceaccording to (It was not known what the substance was.) A fourthfailed test would result in a one-year NFL suspension for Williams, who,according to his mother, Sandy Williams, was in India on Monday. "I'll betmy life he's not smoking marijuana," she told the Palm Beach Post.

At age 80, former Steelers defensive lineman Ernie Stautner, of Alzheimer'sdisease. A nine-time Pro Bowler who played 14 NFL seasons before retiring in1963, the 6'1", 230-pound Stautner (above) was known for playing withintensity and toughness that compensated for his relative lack of size.("That man ain't human," Hall of Fame guard Jim Parker once said.)Stautner was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1969 and was an NFL assistantfor three decades, mostly as the Cowboys' defensive coordinator.

Roy Chapman and Bob Lewis, two of horse racing's most prominent owners.Chapman, who was 79 and died of emphysema, was a small-time owner from outsidePhiladelphia who nearly struck Triple Crown gold with Smarty Jones, the winnerof the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness in 2004. By contrast Lewis, who died ofheart failure at age 81, ran a powerful stable, winning races all over theworld and coming agonizingly close to two Triple Crowns, with Silver Charm in1997 and Charismatic in '99.

An undisclosed amount by the Trail Blazers, guard Sebastian Telfair, after aloaded handgun was found in a pillowcase on the team's private jet. The weaponwas discovered by a flight attendant before the Blazers' Feb. 11 flight fromHanscom Field, outside Boston, to Toronto. Telfair said it belonged to hisgirlfriend, Samantha Rodriguez, and that he had grabbed the wrong bag when heleft home for Portland's five-game road trip on Feb. 7; when he realized he hadthe gun with him he hid it inside a pillow. (The gun was properly licensed toRodriguez, and no charges were filed.) "It was smart of him not to carrythe thing around," said coach Nate McMillan. "[But] we do have securitywith us, and he should make them aware of situations like that."

On charges that he stalked his ex-girlfriend, former Indians, White Sox andOrioles slugger Albert Belle. Last month the unidentified woman discovered aGPS tracking device when it fell off her car and, believing Belle, 39, wasresponsible, notified police in Scottsdale, Ariz. According to police, thewoman alleges that Belle has been following her for months, and she says headmitted using a GPS to keep track of her movements. He also allegedlythreatened her and said she should hire a bodyguard because "she wouldnever know what hit her." Belle, a five-time All-Star who retired in 2000,declined to comment. He was released on bail and ordered to stay away from thewoman; his next court appearance is on Feb. 24.

By Houston's MLS franchise, the name Houston 1836. Announced last month afterthe San Jose Earthquakes relocated to Houston, the logo (left) was inspired bythe year the city was founded. But many in Houston's Mexican-American communitythought it offensive because it evoked Texas's secession from Mexico, theBattle of the Alamo and Sam Houston's defeat of the Mexican army at the Battleof San Jacinto. A new name has not yet been chosen. "We believed ... that1836 was a great name," team president Oliver Luck told the HoustonChronicle. "But obviously we hit a bit of a raw nerve."

As the Stanford Tree, Erin Lashnits, after UC Berkeley police said theyobserved her drinking in the mascot uniform during Stanford's basketball gameat Cal on Feb. 9. Lashnits, 22, a fifth-year biology undergrad who had beenwearing the Tree for a year, had her blood-alcohol level measured at 0.15,nearly twice the legal limit for driving."She was taking drinks inside thetree," Bears assistant AD Kevin Klintworth told the San FranciscoChronicle. "The officers [saw] the flask through the costume." Lashnitswas cited for public drunkenness and relieved of Tree duty by the Stanfordband. "I apologize," said Lashnits, who admitted she was drunk butdenied drinking during the game. "I made a bad decision."

Go Figure

Three-game score bowled by Lonnie Billiter Jr., 24, in a league at FairfieldLanes in Fairfield, Ohio, on Feb. 13; if sanctioned by the U.S. BowlingCongress, it will be the eighth perfect series since 1890.

The Rockets' record this season when guard Tracy McGrady doesn't start orfinish a game.

Home runs hit by outfielder Tuffy Rhodes in 10 years in Japan, the most by aforeign player; the 37-year-old Cincinnati native signed with the Reds lastweek.

Distance, in vertical feet, covered by ski jumper Jamie Pierre at Grand TargheeResort in Wyoming, a cliff-jumping world record.

Men's basketball teams ranked in the Associated Press preseason poll thatdidn't crack the Top 25 last week.