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Q&A Scott Baird

The 54-year-old Olympic curler is an insurance agent in Bemidji, Minn., and the oldest Winter Olympian ever

SI: Have you seenother athletes in Turin who have white hair?

Baird: All thecoaches do. But I did see a couple of athletes so I'm not alone [laughs].

SI: When did youlearn you were the oldest Winter Olympian?

Baird: Not untilright before our first press conference in Turin. I was stunned. I'm thinking,Wow, I wonder how big a media event this is going to be.

SI: Your youngerteammates have razzed you a bit. What's the best one you've heard?

Baird: Now andthen they'll jab me with "the old wily veteran."

SI: You and yourwife, Lynn, play in a mixed Monday night curling league in Bemidji. What do thewinners get?

Baird: Sometimeswe get a little trophy at the end of the year. Or a $10 or $15 gift certificatefor a night out.

SI: How wouldMonday Night Curling do on ESPN?

Baird: With theright announcers, it might be exciting. I don't know if you can show a whole 21/2 hours. But you could do a scaled-down version and keep the country'sinterest for a while.

SI: The oldestOlympian ever was Sweden's Oscar Swahn, who was 72 when he competed in shootingat the 1920 Summer Games. Oscar's going down, right?

Baird: Absolutelynot. I'm not planning to shoot for 2010. But if I can be an inspiration to anysports enthusiast, I'm happy. If you still have passion and are in goodphysical condition, you gotta go for it.

SI: Let's hearsome curling trash talk.

Baird: Well, if aperson missed a shot, you could say, "Gee, were you throwing the in turn orthe out turn?" You could really jab them with that one!

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