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Snowboarder ShaunWhite shredded his way to a men's halfpipe gold medal in Turin on Feb. 12, butnight owls in New York City are speculating that the Flying Tomato has landedan even bigger prize. White, 19, was spotted hanging out with actress LindsayLohan (below) on Feb. 21. "Her and I ended up meeting up at [Manhattannightclub] Bungalow 8. It was a good time. It was a trip," White toldreporters. "It's been crazy, and so I had to get some time to havefun." Lohan's reps said the two are just friends.

‚ñ† Terrell Owenshelped pave his way out of Philadelphia with his infamous driveway workout lastsummer, but the stunt may have landed him another gig. Ray Murray, president ofBanyan Productions (Trading Spaces), was inspired to develop a TO talk show,which he's pitching to networks and hopes to have on the air this fall. Theshow will have Owens working out with celebrity guests. "He could ridebikes with Lance Armstrong, and they would have conversations about life anddealing with the press," says Murray. "Beyoncé has great legs, so theycould do a legs workout together." But was Murray worried about dealingwith Owens? "There was no hesitation.... You put crazy and insane together,and that's just great TV."

■ He's been knownas the Zen Master, Bones and Head & Shoulders, but now you can call Lakerscoach Phil Jackson something else: Dr. Phil. North Dakota, from which Jacksongraduated in 1967 with a degree in religion, psychology and philosophy, plansto give him an honorary doctorate on May 13. Jackson, a starting forward forthe Fighting Sioux from 1964 to '67, told SI, "There have been some thingsthat have happened over the years that have been really special in my life, andthis is one of them." Still, he wouldn't mind having to send a proxy topick up his degree: "Not that I want to miss [the ceremony], but I hopewe're in the playoffs on May 13."

■ The first ruleof Fight Club: You do not talk about Fight Club. The first rule of FightPromoter University: Hand over your $1,995 tuition. Boxing promoter RoyEnglebrecht offered aspiring Don Kings a three-day crash course in Irvine,Calif., last week. The school included such lectures as Selling the Sizzle andMaking It Work with Indian Casinos and featured speakers like Hall of Famepromoter Bob Arum. "Lawyers go to law school, umpires go to umpire school,doctors go to medical school," says Englebrecht, who helped Oscar De LaHoya build his company, Golden Boy Promotions. "So doesn't it make sensethat fight promoters should go to promoters' school?"

■ Last year Netsco-owner Jay-Z wrote a playoff rap for his team (sample lyrics: "N-E-T-S,New Jersey's best/Watch out, we run the league"). It didn't help--the Netswere swept in the first round by the Heat--so now he's letting fans try theirhands at some inspirational hip-hop (or another genre of their choice). Jay-Zis accepting submissions at; the winning composer willget to perform live at a Nets home game. (What's wrong with Junior Wells'sMessin' with the Kid?)


For most teams the dog days don't hit till August, butthey came early for San Diego this season. Gussie, a black Labrador belongingto righthander Scott Linebrink, had the run of the outfield during a springtraining workout for pitchers and catchers. Gussie didn't seem to mind that thestaff wasn't giving up any walks, but this probably isn't what manager BruceBochy had in mind when he said he wanted to focus on relievers this spring.


A Romanian soccer player retired after he found out hehad been traded for 33 pounds of meat.

They Said It

CURT SCHILLING, Red Sox pitcher, on being named toGQ's list of The 10 Most Hated Athletes:

"I was actually talking to my wife about thatbecause I thought maybe she had some input."