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The Things He Carries

Memphis forward Shane Battier packs his duffel with the comforts of home

"WE SPEND alot of time in hotels," says the Grizzlies' Shane Battier. "It's tough.I'm a guy who needs to be entertained." To stay sane on the road, Battier,like many NBA players, brings a bountiful goody bag. He explains why he needswhat he needs. --Dustin Goot

• PlayStationSlim

Even with myPlayStation Portable, I carry this console with me. On games like Grand TheftAuto you want the larger screen experience. The problem is a lot of hotels usethis LodgeNet movie system, which ties up the inputs where PlayStation cablesshould go. I have to get a cleaning lady to unlock it.

• Ugg Scuffslippers

My feet are mylivelihood, so I need to keep them happy. I probably wear these six or sevenhours a day. They're very soft, and they don't make my feet sweat too much.

• BlackBerry

I do most of mye-mail on this. [Warriors forward] Mike Dunleavy and I exchange messages almostevery day. We try to stump each other with obscure quotes from our favoritemovies.

• Alienwarelaptop

I have emulatorsloaded onto this, so I can replay games from my childhood. The biggest for mewas Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. When I knocked out Mike for the first time, I musthave been 10. None of my friends had beaten him. It was one of the greatestmoments of my life.

• Printoutsfrom

Sites like SI.comtalk about J.J. Redick, Shelden Williams and Coach K. I check in at this siteto find out who's playing well off the bench and what's up with the assistantcoaches.

• Shaving oil

With just threedrops, I can shave really close and my skin comes out smooth. I like to shavein the shower after practice so that I look sharp for games. But if I'mdefending Kobe or Tracy McGrady, I might keep my face haggard to remind myselfI have to play a little rougher.

• Hugo Bosscologne

My wiferecommended this. It's an outdoorsy scent. Like a crisp autumn morning in theOregon woods.

• Books

I read The DaVinci Code when we were playing an exhibition game in Paris. I was able to walkto the Louvre and see where everything in the book was supposed to take place.I didn't see any of the hidden messages it talked about.

• Brookstonesleep mask

Growing up nearDetroit, my room was in the basement. I got used to sleeping in total darkness.This mask helps re-create that. You don't want to sleep on the team plane,though. You'll get food stuffed in orifices where you don't really wantthem.

• Comedy DVDs

I carry a lot ofmovies--classic comedies like Caddyshack and The Big Lebowski. Like the Dude[from Lebowski], I've been known to consume a few White Russians.

• iPod 30GB

I have everythingloaded on here, from Guns N' Roses to Miri Ben-Ari, the hip-hop violinist.After games I relax with something smoother, like Al Green. I'll be so pumpedup, I can't go to bed until 3 a.m. I've been through Al Green--Greatest Hitsmany, many times.

• Shure E3cearbuds

The original iPodearbuds aren't very good, and the wire is too short for a [6'8"] guy likeme. I like the Shures because they have a good fit and they're sturdy.

• Chess set

It's not oftenthat I find someone who's brave enough to take me on in person. I usually haveto go online for an opponent.

• Customshirts

My torso is toolong to shop at regular places. When my wife [Heidi] and I went to Hong Konglast summer, I met with two tailors and had them take my measurements. Now Isend them pictures of shirts I like. If I ask for a blue polka-dot shirt with abright-yellow collar, they'll make it for me.




Photographs by John Schweikert