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March 20, 2006 Table Of Contents

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SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Eye On the Tiger

Winning the Honda Classic was big, but Luke Donald has a more ambitious goal

By Michael Bamberger

She's Back

A familiar winner steadies the LPGA

By Jim Gorant

Big Play with Steve Bosdoshi

By Steve Bosdosh

Fall Finished

Hartford says goodbye, and it won't be the only one

By Gary Van Sickle


Big Murph Is Watching

There's a video goal judge at each NHL game, but the final word on questionable scores comes from the league's nerve center in Toronto. Every night Mike Murphy and his crew become an all-seeing eye in the sky. Here's an inside look at how it works

By Michael Farber


Playing the Heavy

After a decade in oblivion, trash-talking, pistol-packing (but downright lovable) former middleweight king James Toney has grown--and how--into a contender for boxing's biggest title

By Richard Hoffer

Air and Space

End of the Fairy Tale

By Steve Rushin

SI Players: Life On and Off the Field

Randy Foye


By Julia Morrill

Who's Hot / Who's Not

The Questions with Johnny Weir

U.S. Figure Skater

By Brian Cazeneuve

An Up-and-Down Life

By Gerald Green

The Pop Culture Grid

Edited by Gene Menez


Possession Obsession

The madness in March boils down to tempo and efficiency. Teams that control the pace and make the most of every chance-at both ends of the floor-have the best shot at reaching Indy

By Grant Wahl

A Blue Streak

The engine that drives North Carolina's frenetic offense and high-pressure D, pint-sized point guard Ivory Latta is the key to a championship

By Kelli Anderson

5 Minute Guide

SI's annual look at the trends, teams and names to keep an eye on as the Big Dance begins

By Seth Davis

The Brackets

By Grant Wahl


The Year After

March Madness rekindles plenty of fond memories for these four ex-North Carolina stars, who have gone from national champs and first-round picks to the depths of the NBA standings

By Alan Shipnuck

Fantasy Baseball Preview 2006

2006 Fantasy Baseball Preview

By Rankings compiled by David Sabino

First Base

Candidates who can hit 30 home runs and drive in 100 runs abound

Third Base

The deepest position in baseball is loaded with lots of young talent

By Rankings compiled by David Sabino

Second Base

The top of the list is stacked, but after the first six there are questions

By Rankings compiled by David Sabino


Without A-Rod and Nomar, it's no longer the glamour position it once was

By Rankings compiled by David Sabino


No surprises among the highest rated, but don't overlook the young guys

By Rankings compiled by David Sabino


It's a stronger group than in recent years, with plenty of pop at the top

By Rankings compiled by David Sabino


Most of the top players are in the AL, but the NL has up-and-comers

By David Sabino


With the home run era over, successful starters will be easier to find

By David Sabino


Fewer than half the closers on this list are likely to hold the job all year

By David Sabino

Rights (and Wrongs) of Spring

For fantasy players, spring training can be a seductive source of information. But what you see can be as misleading as it is helpful. Here are five tips for how to benefit from the last two weeks in March

By David Sabino


Inside: The Week In Sports


By Tom Verducci


By Peter King


By Michael Farber

Pierre McGuire's In The Crease

By Pierre McGuire

Life of Reilly

Not a Pretty Site

By Rick Reilly


The Cardiac Kid

Rookie Ronny Turiaf is back on the court less than nine months after having open-heart surgery

By Chris Mannix

No Looking Back

After a hellish postseason, reliever Brad Lidge remains unfazed and is closing games for Team USA

By Peter King

Leading Off


Stand and Deliver

Commissioner Bud Selig knows that his legacy may be defined by the way he handles Barry Bonds. His next moves will be telling

By Tom Verducci

Next in Line

With Paul Tagliabue's tenure nearing an end, potential successors emerge

By Peter King

For the Record

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

The Name Game

By Elizabeth Casey


Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Total Recall

Everyone was playing mind games at the U.S. memory championship

By Franz Lidz

Q&A Mike Schmidt

The Hall of Fame third baseman, 56, is the author of Clearing the Bases

By Richard Deitsch

The Beat

By Adam Duerson

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Chris Mannix

Faces in the Crowd

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella