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An Up-and-Down Life

In a span of 18days last month Celtics rookie guard-forward Gerald Green, 20, was recalledfrom the NBA's developmental league, sent back down after six games withBoston, then recalled again after one game in the NBDL. Green, a first-roundpick averaging 1.6 points and 4.6 minutes since returning to the NBA, reflectson a whirlwind month.

I'M BACK INBOSTON! And I'm happy to be here, though my experience in Fayetteville [N.C.]was extremely positive. I played every day, and in a way I rediscovered mygame.

AS YOU MAY HAVEHEARD, I had a few issues my first week back. See, after being recalled by theCeltics, I left some valuables in Fayetteville that I needed to pick up. So Iflew down on an off day, thinking I'd be back for practice the next day. Myflights were a disaster: The flight down was delayed, and I was packed into oneof those little planes that are a killer on my knees. I had problems getting tothe airport for the flight back and missed that flight, then my second flightwas delayed. The result was I missed practice, which didn't make Coach [Doc]Rivers happy. The media made it sound like a joke, wondering why I didn't justhave the stuff shipped or have someone get it for me, but I didn't think it wasfunny. Stuff like that reflects poorly on me, and I don't want the organizationto feel like they can't count on me.

MOVING BACK TOBOSTON otherwise was a smooth transition. I live with two friends from home[Houston] in an apartment in Waltham, and when I'm not in town, they take careof things. I know people think the NBA lifestyle is glitz and glamour, but thetruth is I almost never go out, and when I do it's usually to the bowlingalley. Since I've been with the Celtics, I've only gone out in the city threeor four times.

ONE OF MY FIRSTGAMES back was against Phoenix, and I had the best game of my career [13points, nine rebounds], and I felt more in the flow. I work hard to beprepared, so it was nice to see that work pays dividends. I don't know whetherI'll be staying in Boston or sent back down, but whatever the decision is, I'llbe ready.