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For the Record

Of injuries suffered in a fall while training for a snowboardcross World Cuprace in Lake Placid, N.Y., Jonatan Johansson (above). The 26-year-old Swedefinished 12th in the event--in which four snowboarders race downhillsimultaneously--at the Olympics in Turin. Johansson was alone on the course onWhiteface Mountain, and wearing a helmet, when he fell on Sunday morning. Anautopsy was scheduled for Monday, and the cause of death was expected to beannounced this week. The World Cup event was canceled after his accident.

At age 43, Doug Hamilton, the general manager and president of the Los AngelesGalaxy. Hamilton was traveling with the MLS team--which had just lost aCONCACAF Champions Cup quarterfinal in Costa Rica--when he suffered a heartattack. A team doctor attempted to resuscitate him as the pilots returned theplane to Costa Rica, but he could not be revived.

From the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot, former Steelers and Ramsdefensive lineman Jeremy Staat. At Arizona State, Staat, 29, was a teammate androommate of Pat Tillman, the Army Ranger and former Arizona Cardinals safetywho was killed in Afghanistan in 2004. Staat, who played for the Steelers from1998 to 2000 and for the Rams in 2003, said he wanted to enlist in the militaryafter the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, as Tillman did, but Tillmanadvised him to play pro football until he qualified for retirement benefits.Staat said Tillman's death gave him "more motivation" to enlist: "Ishould have been there for him."

Thirteenth in the first Formula One race of the year, Scott Speed, the firstAmerican to drive in the series since 1993. The 23-year-old from Manteca,Calif., finished one lap down in the Bahrain Grand Prix, which was won bydefending F/1 champ Fernando Alonso.

To eight years in a French prison, Christophe Fauviau, who admitted drugginghis children's tennis opponents, a practice that led to the death of a25-year-old player. Fauviau, 46, a former French military pilot, spiked morethan 25 water bottles with Temesta, a drug that can cause drowsiness. In 2003Fauviau's son, Maxime, defeated Alexandre Lagardere, who died in a car accidentafter the match; police believe he fell asleep at the wheel. Traces of Temestawere found in his system. (Fauviau also has a 16-year-old daughter, Valentine,who is a rising star in French tennis.) "Not for one second did I think ofhurting people," Fauviau said. "I realize now that I did."

After 24 seasons as coach at Temple, John Chaney (above). A two-time nationalcoach of the year, Chaney, 74, was college basketball's Dr. Jekyll. On onehand, he led the Owls to 17 NCAA tournament appearances and was revered as afather figure by his players. On the other, during games he could seem barelyin control, stomping the sidelines with tie loosened, mouth foaming and eyesbulging. His temper could get the best of him: In 1994 he threatened to killUMass coach John Calipari during a press conference, and last season he sent aplayer into a game to rough up St. Joseph's forward John Bryant. (Bryant endedup with a broken arm after a hard foul.) "It has never been a job for me,but a passion," said Chaney.

On three years' probation by the NCAA, the Ohio State basketball program, forplayer benefits violations under former coach Jim O'Brien. The Buckeyes avoidedthe harshest sanctions--they face no postseason ban and will not losescholarships--but the NCAA came down hard on O'Brien, who was fired in 2004after seven seasons after instructing an assistant to give $6,000 in cash tothe family of a recruit. If O'Brien gets another college job before March 2011,he and his new school must appear before the NCAA infractions committee todiscuss whether he faces further sanctions.

By the Gateway Grizzlies of the Frontier League, a ballpark delicacy thatbrings together the sweet and the savory (and perhaps someday your dentist andyour cardiologist): a bacon cheeseburger served on a Krispy Kreme bun (right).Called Baseball's Best Burger, the doughnut-beef treat will be available at GMCStadium in Sauget, Ill., for $4.50 (angioplasty not included). Season-ticketholders were given a sneak preview. Says team media relations director JeffO'Neill, "The consensus was, It sounds so bad, but it works."

After Don King, a street adjacent to Atlantic City boxing venue Boardwalk Hall.On Monday, Atlantic City mayor Robert Levy and other local dignitaries unveiledDon King Plaza in honor of the promoter's "tireless commitment to establishAtlantic City as one of the great resort destinations of the world since1980." King has promoted hundreds of fights in Atlantic City but in 2004was banned by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission from working with anycasino in the state because he was an unindicted co-conspirator in a briberycase against former IBF president Robert W. Lee, who was sentenced to a22-month jail term.

As Red Bull New York, the MLS squad formerly known as the New York/New JerseyMetroStars. The team was sold by AEG, the entertainment conglomerate that stillowns four of the 12 MLS teams, to energy drink maker Red Bull--which alsooperates a soccer team in the Austrian league, owns a two-car Formula Oneoperation and is planning on entering NASCAR. The sale price was not disclosed,but team president Alexi Lalas said it exceeded the MLS record of $26 millionpaid for the Los Angeles Galaxy in 1998. "We are associating ourselves witha world-renowned brand that is synonymous with creative, innovative and uniquemarketing," Lalas told "We are going to blow people'sminds."

At age 93, photographer Gordon Parks, who in more than two decades at LIFE wasbest known for his work documenting African-American subjects. (Parks alsodirected several motion pictures, including Shaft; last week star RichardRoundtree said he thought Parks based the title character on himself.) Parkstook several memorable pictures of Muhammad Ali for LIFE and was the onlyphotographer allowed into Ali's locker room after his first loss, to JoeFrazier in 1971. But Parks didn't shoot any pictures in there, saying somethings weren't meant to be photographed.

Go Figure

Inches by which the seats at Wimbledon's Centre Court will be widened, to 18inches, after spectators complained that they couldn't fit into them lastyear.

Distance, in feet, traveled by the winning entry in the Canadian paper planechampionships in Toronto.

Yards from scrimmage averaged per game by Edgerrin James in his seven seasonswith the Colts, the highest total in NFL history.

NBA players who have grabbed 20 rebounds in a game without scoring: DennisRodman (he did it seven times), Clyde Lee (1974), Happy Hairston ('73) and theNuggets' Reggie Evans, who did it in a win over the Raptors last Friday.