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Q&A Morgan Freeman

The 68-year-old Academy Award winner (Million Dollar Baby) costars in Lucky Number Slevin, which opens on April 7

SI: I hear you're a pretty big NASCAR fan.

Freeman: Have you ever driven one of those things?

SI: No, sir.

Freeman: Well, you gotta try. I'm not a car buff, but I love driving. And I love driving fast. My wife, bless her heart, recently gave me a three-day NASCAR weekend. I went to Lowe's Motor Speedway [near] Charlotte and had the most extraordinary time.

SI: So on a Sunday afternoon we'd find you at your home in Charleston, Miss., watching NASCAR?

Freeman: Yep. You'd find me sitting on the couch with the sound cranked. And I have surround sound [laughs].

SI: In 2004 you drove the pace car, a Corvette, at the Indy 500 (below). What was your top speed?

Freeman: I hit 143.

SI: I'm guessing 143 is not the highest you've ever reached.

Freeman: No, no. That would be 153. I have a BMW 745.

SI: A BMW can go that fast?

Freeman: Oh, it will.

SI: Was that in Mississippi?

Freeman: [Silence]

SI: You've said you don't consider yourself athletic.

Freeman: Nope. I am completely left-footed in organized sports. Football? Not enough weight. Basketball? Not enough coordination. Baseball? Not enough strength. I've always been this bookish, thin, actor-type [laughs]. I'm in show business.

SI: Has that worked out well for you?

Freeman: Quite well, yes.

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