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It wasn't quiteJohnny Cash at Folsom Prison, but last week British rocker Pete Doherty, theformer Libertines frontman, played an acoustic set for ex-con and formerheavyweight champ Mike Tyson in Manchester, England. Tyson, who was in town toreferee the World Cage Fighting Championships, and Doherty stayed at the samehotel and reportedly spent an evening carousing at the bar. One thing led toanother, and Tyson asked his new pal to play a few songs. In return Tyson mayhave given the 27-year-old tips on handling the media. Three days laterDoherty--accidentally, he says--kicked a reporter outside a London court, wherehe pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and crack.

•Russell Crowehas a new line: "Let's get into bed together and you'll respect me in themorning." That's how the Aussie actor ended a speech to the shareholders ofthe South Sydney Rabbitohs of Australia's National Rugby League--and it worked.Crowe (right) and his business partner, Peter Holmes √† Court, were approved asmajority owners of the club, which the 41-year-old Crowe has followed since hewas five. (Crowe's group paid $2.1 million.) The Rabbitohs haven't won a titlein 35 years but, as one executive remarked, Crowe "gives us somesexiness."

•Crash co-writerBobby Moresco, who won an original screenplay Oscar, will write an adaptationof New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica's new novel, Heat, about a BronxLittle Leaguer who is accused of being older than he lets on. Moresco, 54, sayshis childhood gave him valuable background for the story. "We lived in theshadows of Madison Square Garden," he says. "I know what it's like togrow up in New York with professional sports--your dream--right under yournose." The book, which hits stores on April 11, may remind readers of acertain real-life Bronx Little Leaguer who was disgraced in 2001. But Morescosays, "[This] is not The Danny Almonte Story."

•Bad news forthose who just want Terrell Owens to shut up and catch footballs. The newCowboys receiver had his brother, Victor Stowes, write a rap song and the tworecorded it at TO's Atlanta studio. I'm Back, which bashes TO doubters ("Tothe haters that said I wouldn't get my money/I'm laughing in your face ha-hathat's funny") and gloats about his contract ("Some said I was gonnasign just a one year deal/But I got what I wanted up front, 10 mil"), canbe bought at But TO has still more to get off his chest.His second autobiography, which a spokesperson tells SI will be light ondetails about his stormy Eagles tenure, is set to be published by Simon &Schuster in July.... Director Peter Segal (The Longest Yard remake) plans totackle dirty referees in his next picture. The Refs, which is sure to do wellin the Seattle market, will tell the story of a group of slighted officials whotry to get revenge by fixing the Super Bowl.


Give that man a contract ... and throw in some ice tosoothe those stinging palms. During the Sabres' loss to the Senators lastFriday an unidentified fan--call him the Buffalo Saver--made the stop of thenight, a barehanded grab of a puck that flew into the HSBC Arena crowd. Beforethe NHL lockout that puck might have hit an empty seat. But the Sabres, likethe rest of the league, have seen an attendance spike this season. Buffalo'saverage is up nearly 10%.

They Said It


Dutch pitcher, on how a 7'1" hurler from theNetherlands signed a contract with the Twins:

"With a pencil."


The Florida Department of Corrections gave an ex-minorleaguer a no-show job so he could help prison guards win a softballtournament.