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Q&A Jon Heder

The 28-year-old actor (Napoleon Dynamite) costars in The Benchwarmers, which opens on April 7

SI: You probablyhear Napoleon Dynamite quotes all the time. Ever hear one from an athlete?

Heder: We [Hederand The Benchwarmers costars Rob Schneider and David Spade] were the grandmarshals for the NASCAR race at Atlanta this year, and we got to attend thedrivers' meeting before the race. After the guy at the front of the room[NASCAR official David Hoots] read off the rules, he asked, "Does anyonehave any questions?" Michael Waltrip raised his hand and said, "Yeah,can you bring me my Chap Stick? My lips hurt real bad!" It was an awkwardmoment because [Hoots] didn't get it.

SI: As a studentat BYU, how often did you attend football games?

Heder: I went toone game, I think. Maybe this is the Q&A where you mix it up a bit bygetting a subject who doesn't really know sports. I don't have a favorite team,and I think Super Bowl parties are strictly for the commercials, good food andconversation. I'm kind of stupid when it comes to this stuff.

SI: Did you workwith any major leaguers to prepare for your baseball scenes in TheBenchwarmers?

Heder: No. Theysaid they would give me a coach and I could do some training, but I was like,Why? I'm supposed to be bad. Rob Schneider is the only one who got aprofessional trainer. David Spade and I just sat back and relaxed.

SI: I hear formerNFL player Vai Sikahema is your uncle?

Heder: He'smarried to my aunt. Everyone has to have someone famous related to them, and heis our famous relative.

SI: You'recurrently filming Blades of Glory, in which you and costar Will Ferrell are apairs ice skating team. Do you think this will start a trend?

Heder: I'd loveto see it, but I just don't see a man-man pairing happening. You can skatetogether with a man, but to do all the couples stuff and the lifting, there'sno way unless you have a really lightweight man. And then you would be holdinghim in positions that are just not right.

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