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Two years agoAnna Benson, the somewhat publicity-conscious wife of pitcher Kris Benson, toldHoward Stern that she would sleep with "everybody on [her husband's] entireteam" (the Mets, at that time) if she ever caught him cheating. Are weabout to find out if that offer is transferable to the Orioles? LastThursday--less than a week after an interview with SI in which the coupleseemed quite happy--Anna (below) filed for divorce after seven years ofmarriage. She claimed the marriage is "irretrievably broken," and theNew York Daily News reported that she believes her husband was unfaithful. OnSaturday, Kris, who may have been traded from the Mets because of Anna's skimpyoutfits and sometimes outlandish ways, said, "I let people come to theirown conclusions." As for Anna's vow to Stern: Her spokesman says she wasjust joking.

•File this under"no good deed goes unpunished." Victoria Silvstedt, the 1997 Playmateof the Year, went to the Rangers-Sabres game at Madison Square Garden last weekto cheer a fellow Swede, New York goalie Henrik Lundqvist. (The two are justpals; she's married, and he has a girlfriend.) During the first periodSilvstedt--who was sitting with Jeff Gordon and his girlfriend, model IngridVandebosch--got a fat lip when she was hit by a stray puck. Silvstedt hungtough, though. She stayed in her seat and saw Lundqvist come off the bench inthe third period and stonewall Buffalo in a come-from-behind win. The Rangersare rewarding her grit by sending her a signed jersey.

•Serious Cubsfans who watch Fox's Prison Break might pause a moment when the characterWillie Prall is referred to. Prall, a baseball player who appears in flashbackscenes, shares his name with a lefty who pitched in three games for the Cubbiesin 1975. Says writer Nick Santora, who often names characters after real-lifeathletes, "I was looking for a baseball player who had had a cup of coffeein the pros." Santora, who once named an inmate Jesus in honor of JesusAlou, was given one rule by Paul Scheuring, the executive producer of Break: noWhite Sox players. Says Santora, "I was told, 'All of my friends in Chicagoare Cubs fans, and they'd kill me if he was on the White Sox.'"

•Jonny Moseley,one of People's Top 50 Bachelors in 2002, is a bachelor no more. The freestyleskier, who won Olympic gold in the moguls in 1998, married his business managerand girlfriend of five years, Malia Rich, 29, on March 25 in Telluride, Colo."I cried through the whole ceremony," Moseley, 30, told People. "Myuncle changed my nickname from Turkey to Softie." ... Who's got the betterpoker face, Burt Reynolds or Robert Duvall? Reynolds will star in The Deal asan ex-gambler who faces his protégé in the World Poker Tour championship. (TheWPT will haul the set of this month's world championship from Las Vegas to NewOrleans for shooting.) Duvall, meanwhile, will star alongside Eric Bana, DrewBarrymore and two-time World Series of Poker champion Doyle Brunson in LuckyYou, about a father-son hold 'em showdown.


A youth minister was charged with assault forallegedly kicking a 16-year-old boy in the groin after taking a head shot fromthe teen in a dodgeball game.


This is why rowers like small coxswains--they'reeasier to toss. Oxford cox Seb Pearce went for the traditional swim afterleading the Dark Blues to a win over Cambridge in the 152nd University BoatRace on the River Thames. Oxford, which was led by two 2004 Olympic oarsmen(Canada's Barney Williams and Bastien Ripoll, the first Frenchman in the race),got its fourth win since 2001. Cambridge's cox also got wet; his boat took onwater soon after the start.

They Said It

KENT MERCKER, Reds reliever, after the team traded forRed Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo (below), who released a rock album lastyear:

"Our karaoke team just got better."