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Q&A Shannon Miller

The seven-timeOlympic medalist, 29, is a second-year law student at Boston College and thehost of Gymnastics USA with Shannon Miller on the CN8 network

SI: So how doesthe most decorated American gymnast in history end up in law school?

Miller: I did myundergrad [at the University of Houston] in business marketing andentrepreneurship, and one of the last classes I took was business law. I wasfascinated by how much I would need to know if I wanted to own my own business.[My intention] was never to be a practicing attorney. It was to gain thatknowledge base.

SI: What's yourclass schedule like?

Miller: I go toclass Monday through Thursday, which allows me to travel on the weekends forgymnastics work. People put the fear of God into you when you go to law schoolabout how horrible it's going to be, but it really hasn't been. It's been agreat experience.

SI: If yourclassmates went to, they'd see you attended Heidi Klum'sHalloween party and the premiere of King Kong. Not a typical law student'slifestyle, is it?

Miller: It'salmost like I lead a double life. I'm scared to think what they would say.Especially if they saw what I wore for Halloween. That was scary. I wore amaid's outfit. Let's just say it was interesting.

SI: After all theyears of practice and competition, how has your body held up?

Miller: I feelgreat. When I'm on the road I work out a lot at hotel fitness centers. I'vebeen known to do back handsprings down the hallway of a hotel.

SI: You finished13th--four spots ahead of William Shatner--in Saturday's Toyota Grand Prix ofLong Beach celebrity race. How does it feel to beat a seventysomething?

Miller: Shatner'sone of a kind. He's out there doing his own thing. I did really bad in the timetrials, so I started in the last row but I worked my way up. I had to rely onpeople taking themselves out.

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