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Gilbert Arenas


On his love ofbowling

I started bowlingwhen I was 13, growing up in L.A. My friends and I bowled all the time. I gotaway from it for a while, but I started again last summer. I bowled everyday-six, seven hours a day. When I wasn't playing ball, I was bowling. As soonas the season's over, it will be back to bowling. My high score is 277. I havebowling names when I play. I've been Black Fever, Hurricane. Now I'm thePeople's Champ. That's why I've got bowling balls with a boxing glove inthem.

On throwing hisjersey to the crowd after each game, home and away

I gave myself theidea years ago when I saw [the Bulls'] Dennis Rodman throw his jersey into thestands and everyone screamed for it. I said to myself, If I make the NBA, Iwant to do that. That would be my legacy. When I played for Golden State [in2001-02 and '02-03], I couldn't afford the jerseys [they cost about $200 each],so I threw my shoes.

On entering thedraft after his sophomore season at Arizona, then getting picked 31st

I just knew myname was going to be called in the first round. I was watching the tube bymyself while my dad was throwing a party in another room. I wanted to see whatteam I was going to and then join everyone to celebrate. When the first roundwas over and I didn't get picked, I started crying like a baby. I threw myjewelry out the window. I was trying to call people and see if I could giveback the car I bought. I called my coach at Arizona and asked if I could comeback to school. It was terrible.

On being apractical joker

It drives someguys crazy, but I love it. One of my favorites was sneaking up on my teammateAwvee Storey. He has a bad attitude, and I just have to try and get him tosmile. One day he was on the toilet reading the paper, and I snuck in with awater hose, turned it on him and sprayed him for, like, three minutes. He hadall his clothes on, and he got soaked. It was hilarious. But for some reason hestill wasn't laughing.

On being a gymrat

When I get boredor lazy, I go to the gym. If I'm depressed, I go to the gym. If I'm worried oranxious, I go to the gym. I could be up at night watching TV and think, Let'sgo to the gym right now-no matter what time it is. I average 2 1/2 to threeworkouts a day. I get on the treadmill and run. Sometimes I lift.


I'm looking forMs. Right. I'd love to do The Bachelor. That would be perfect for me. I've beensingle too long. I need to settle down and try the love thing for a while. -Astold to Elizabeth Newman



Photograph by Michael J. Lebrecht II/1deuce3 pPhotography