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The Questions with Brian Giles

Padres Outfielder

What was yourwelcome-to-the-big-leagues moment?

I got in late from Triple A the night before a game [for the Indians]. I sleptabout three hours. When I got to the park, I wasn't playing, but a half hourbefore the game I got put in the lineup. Against the Rocket. I got a hit in mysecond at bat.

Your favoriteoff-day activity?

Going to the beach.

What's one thingabout being in the major leagues that people don't think about?

The travel. Long trips east or west after night games. All night on a plane.Off days aren't always off. You're usually traveling.

If I weren't abaseball player, I'd ...

either be a meteorologist or a chef at Benihana. It's pretty cool cooking infront of people.

If I werecommissioner for a day, I'd ...

bring back Pete Rose.


After his14th-inning double beat the Mets on Friday, Giles, 35, hit a grand slam in a7-4 win on Sunday.


The Padres andGiles, a native of Southern California, host the division-rival Dodgers forthree games over the weekend.