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Jason Terry


On hissuperstitions

I sleep in thegame shorts of the opposing team the night before a game. I've got buddies onalmost every team, so I've collected all the shorts. I also eat the same thingbefore every game: a little tortellini with barbecued chicken, a glass of waterand a glass of cranberry juice. Got to have it.

On the differencebetween regular-season and playoff basketball

Every possessionis critical. You never know what play can have an effect on the entire series.I remember Game 6 last year against Phoenix. There were eight seconds left, andit seemed like we had everything under control. Our stuff was packed to go toPhoenix for Game 7. But then [Steve] Nash comes down and hits a three, and we[go on to] lose in overtime. One play, man, one play.

On teammate DirkNowitzki

We've become alot closer. We have lockered next to each other for two years, and we spendmore time together off the court, going to movies, lunches, working out late atnight. The thing last year [when Nowitzki berated him for playing lax defense,which led to Nash's game-tying shot] didn't affect us. It was in the heat ofthe battle. I understood his frustration. I felt the same way.

On the positionhe prefers to play

My favoriteposition is whatever gets me on the floor. I'm a point guard at heart, though,and I idolized Isiah Thomas. He answered this same question when he was arookie. He said he was a basketball player. That's the way I approach it.

On how to beatthe Spurs

You have to matchtheir physical play. They get down and dirty and do the little things so well.You have to keep Tony Parker out of the lane--he's one of the best penetratingguards in the league. Can you rattle them? Well, they are savvy--that's whythey are the champs.

On being one of10 children

It taught meresponsibility at an early age. I like to say I was changing diapers while Iwas still in mine. I was the second oldest, and I was always walking kids toschool and fixing breakfast. We had enough for a five-on-five game, though.I've got a brother [Curtis] at UNLV who is the second coming.

On playing forMark Cuban

It's the greatestfeeling to come to work and know your boss is going to war with you. Mark isthe best owner in the game. One time he told a guy to stop shooting from theoutside and take the ball to the basket--in the huddle, during a game! He'shands-on, and if he sees something he doesn't like, he'll tell you.



Photograph by Jensen Walker