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I thought I wouldbe writing in to mock Dr. Z's Mock Draft (May 1), but instead I must bow to hisinsight. He called six right on the money, six more just one off their draftorder and two more only two positions away. He had 12 of the remaining picks inthe first round and only missed on six selections. That's pretty goodprognosticating.
N. John Garcia, Isle of Palms, S.C.

The RileyFactor

In the 1980s Iwas a die-hard, twentysomething Celtics fan who hated everything about theLakers, including Pat Riley (Pat Riley Won't Give In, May 1). Now I think he'sthe best coach the NBA has ever seen. He gets the most out of his players, andhe gives everything back to his team.
Stephen D. Boen, Kansas City, Mo.


I'm impressedthat Dwight Howard signed a T-shirt with a picture of Kobe Bryant dunking overhim (Players, May 1). No way Kobe ever signs a photo of Howard dunking onhim.
Doug Glick, Royersford, Pa.


Thanks for GrantWahl's enlightening article on Bruce Arena (Taking On the World, May 1). I wasdelighted when he was named coach of the U.S. national soccer team. For mycollege graduation present, a friend and I are going to Germany in hopes ofseeing the Red, White and Blue in action. Even if we can't score tickets, we'llbe happy to put on our Landon Donovan jerseys and head to the bars to celebrateour Yanks and the man who has guided them so brilliantly for the past eightyears.
Danny Cole, Bethesda, Md.

Net Gain

I commend RickReilly for so clearly defining Africa's malaria problem and what we can do tosolve it: donate money to the United Nations Foundation for mosquito nets thatcan save the lives of the 3,000 children who die each day. (Life of Reilly, May1). As an ex--soccer mom who has coached five-year-olds in youth soccer herdball, I was compelled to give part of my net income to such a worthy cause. Iconsider Rick Reilly a net prophet.
Linda Sennett, Knoxville, Tenn.

Using the Life ofReilly to save the lives of others--what a way to network! Good ... no, greatjob.
Troy D. Green, Severn, Md.

Since ourcommunity of Nett Lake, Minn., was mentioned in Reilly's column challengingreaders to contribute to the Nothing But Net cause, the Nett Lake School, partof a rural Native American community in Northeastern Minnesota, has taken SI'schallenge to heart with a variety of fund-raising events. We hope we can helpmake a difference.
Mrs. Morley, Sixth-Grade Teacher
Mrs. Clevenstine, Fifth-Grade Teacher Nett Lake, Minn.

O.K., I sent adonation in honor of my father's fishing net, my grandmother's hairnet, thenettles we are stung by, and the whole family's Internet.
Esther Rickelton, Seattle

Reilly's columnshave made me smile, laugh and cry, but this is the first time they have made merun and get my credit card. As a Duke graduate who is now an assistant women'sbasketball coach at Marymount, I often talk to my players about what Coach Kcalls Collective Responsibility. There is no greater collective responsibilitythan using what we have been blessed with to help others who are in need.
Chris Campbell, Gaithersburg, Md.

Editor's Note: Asof May 15 SI's Nothing But Net had raised $723,181.60 from 12,184 contributors.To donate, go to, or send a check or money orderpayable to the United Nations Foundation Malaria Fund to:

U.N. Foundation,Nothing But Nets
1225 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 400
Washington, D.C. 20036

All Those Years Ago

Thank you for your article on new Colorado footballcoach Dan Hawkins and his inspirational leadership style (Buffalo Soldier,April 24). As a longtime follower of Hawkins, I remember that in 1983 youpublished a remarkable photograph that showed Dan's father, Norman; Dan'smother, Peggy; and Dan's wife, Misti, consoling Dan, then a senior fullback, inthe aftermath of a tough loss taken by UC Davis in the 1982 NCAA Division IIchampionship game against Southwest Texas State (now Texas State). Then, asnow, it is apparent that Dan Hawkins does not like to lose.

Chris DeHart, Eureka, Calif.

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DOWN TIME The now-upbeat Hawkins took the 1982 loss hard.