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Q&A Seal

The 43-year-old Grammy winner is married to SI swimsuit model Heidi Klum

SI: Heidi isGerman. You're British. What happens if England and Germany play in the WorldCup this summer?

Seal: We'relooking at a three-to-one ratio because my wife is German and my kids areGerman. So I'd have to go with Germany.

SI: What shouldwe make of this tennis result: Mary Pierce/Seal def. Martina Navratilova/RegisPhilbin 6-2?

Seal: That's notas memorable as when I played with Stefan Edberg. After I hit a volley, heturned to me and said, "Great volley." Coming from arguably thegreatest volleyer in the history of the sport, well, not only was that a tennisfantasy, but one of the highlights of my life.

SI: You've playedwith a lot of other great players. Did you ever legitimately take a point offanybody?

Seal: I rememberAndre [Agassi] was serving to me in Monte Carlo. I said, "Come on, give mea real serve. I don't want the sugarcoated one." I was still waiting for ituntil somebody informed me that it had gone past me 20 seconds before.

SI: You and SteveYoung (below) are friends?

Seal: The teamthat got me into the NFL in the first place was the 49ers, and I had a bunch ofSteve Young paraphernalia from my days of going up to Candlestick when he wasplaying. He somehow learned that I was a fan, and when I won some Grammys forKiss from a Rose, he sent me a signed football that read CONGRATULATIONS ONYOUR SUPER BOWL, CHAMP.

SI: What otherathletes are fans?

Seal: BarrySanders and Tiger Woods. I've played at the Tiger Jam [benefit concert] eventin Las Vegas. One of my greatest memories was playing acoustic guitar, jammingto my music with Tiger, Barry, Charles Barkley and Dwight Clark. They were allcrammed around me, in this dressing room that was like the size of a shoebox.For a sports fan, that was heaven.

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