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Trainer to the Stars

How a Beverly Hills fitness guru homes in on his clients' most bankable body parts

PERSONAL TRAINERGunnar Peterson works out up to nine clients a day at his Beverly Hills gym,and they're often a mix of pro athletes and movie stars. J-Lo says he's thebest trainer she's ever had, Sly Stallone (above) was so grateful forPeterson's help he cast the trainer in Rocky VI, and after Pete Sampras won the2002 U.S. Open he gave Peterson a racquet signed THANKS FOR EXTENDING MYCAREER. "My main focus is function," says Peterson, 43. "I makesure their bodies are balanced so they don't have one under- or overdevelopedpart." Here Peterson demonstrates his greatest hits.

Jeff Garcia'sShoulders
• One-Arm Dumbbell Twisting Press

Drill Standholding a 25- to 45-pound dumbbell at level of right earlobe. Twist body to theleft and push weight straight up above head. Return and repeat six to 10 timeson each side. Two to four sets.

Peterson"This is an overloaded, sport-specific movement that simulates [the Eaglesquarterback's] throwing motion. It's for muscle memory. When he substitutes theweight with a football, he'll feel like he's been down that road before buthe's been down it with a backpack. Working his nonthrowing arm is necessary formuscle parity."

Pete Sampras'sHamstrings and Shoulders
• Resistance Band Step and Press

Drill Anchorresistance bands behind you and hold end handles at shoulder height (left).Step forward into a lunge with left foot, punching right arm overhead andpunching left arm down in front of shin. The bands form a V shape. Return andrepeat 10 to 20 times on each side. Two to four sets.

Peterson"This simulates him reaching for a shot and helps him stabilize; if hesteps into the lunge without control, the bands snap him back. After 20 repshe'll drop those things and start saying things about my parents."

Antonio Tarver'sCore and Shoulders
• Iwo Jima Corner Squats

Drill Load 35pounds on one end of a barbell and put the unweighted end in a corner. Squatparallel to bar at the weighted end with the left hand gripping the barunderhand on the outermost edge and the right hand placed overhand next to theplate. Lift bar and twist toward corner where end is anchored. Six to eighttimes on each side. Three sets.

Peterson"This is like a [boxer's] left cross. The twist works his core. I call itthe core-nerstone."

Penélope Cruz'sThighs
• Slide with Crossover Touch

Drill Wearingbooties, stand on right end of a 10-foot slide board. Push off with right foot,glide to far side. Reach right arm across body and touch ground in front ofleft foot while left arm swings behind. Slide to the right. Do 30 to 50times.

Peterson"These are essentially one-legged squats with an explosive push." (Cruzfirms her legs for action films like 2005's Sahara.)

Corey Maggette'sGlutes
• Keg Lunge and Twist with Lean

Drill Hold astandard keg, filled one-fourth with water, horizontally at the waist. Stepright leg back in a lunge, twist to the left, and put keg down in front of leftfoot. Pick keg back up, return to start and do a slight backward lean. Six to10 times each side. Three to five sets.

Peterson"This simulates a basketball motion in which he has the ball and steps backto lean into defenders before standing up for a shot or a pass. And the watermoving in the keg forces his core muscles to fire in an attempt to stabilizethe keg."


Photographs by Robert Gallagher