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Q&A Jack Black

The actor, 36, plays a cook in a Mexican orphanage who moonlights as a wrestler in Nacho Libre, which opens June 16

SI: Your on-screenphysique is always top-notch. Other than waxing your entire body, what kind oftraining did you have to endure to play Nacho?

Black: I got withthis guy named Tom. He wouldn't tell me his secret identity because wrestlersin the Lucha Libre [Mexican pro wrestling] world keep that on the DL. Hetrained me in L.A. for a few weeks. Taught me the basics. He said, "Holycrap. You're a natural." I don't know if that's what you say just to getsomeone's confidence up, but I suspect he was being honest and that I amawesome at wrestling.

SI: You developedsome of your own moves. Tell us about the Wind of a Lion.

Black: It'sbasically a submission hold. You get the guy down. You sit on his face. Andthen you release the lion's wind. That usually spells complete defeat. No oneso far has survived.

SI: Is thereanyone in Hollywood you'd love to get in the ring?

Black: I shouldtake down someone who is strong. It's no good if I take down Screech. Thatdoesn't make me look any better. So Steven Seagal, with his ridiculous Indiangear, ponytail and swagger. He's the best fighter in the world in his own mind,so I'll take him down two notches with my Anaconda Squeeze and Face Melter.

SI: Name oneathlete you could play on screen.

Black: Who is thefattest player in the baseball right now? Wait a second. It might not bepolitically correct, but I could do Barry Bonds. Jack Black is Barry Bonds.

SI: You love theNBA. Is this Miami's year?

Black: Yes. Theonly way they could be beaten is if Phoenix and Dallas joined forces andcreated a superteam. And it was called Phallas.

SI: You've saidyou channeled Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan in Nacho Libre.At any point, did you want to pummel William Shatner?

Black: Now thatyou mention it, yes. There was residual anger at Shatner because of that.

SI: We haven'tseen your band, Tenacious D, play the Super Bowl halftime show. Will we?

Black: Becausethey are afraid that the ratings would be so high, it would overshadow the gameitself.

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